Star Quest 2: United Galaxies Announced

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies Announced

In my small palette of games I’ve experience, I can only remember one game off of the top of my head that smooshes multiple genres into its design: Spore . Spore has your third-person elements, RPG elements, MMO elements, RTS elements, and city-builder elements. Quite a lot for one game, at least from my perspective. Star Quest 2: United Galaxies is going to smoosh three genres together to make for an interesting space game: space sim, RTS and racing! I admit to raising an eyebrow when seeing this combination, and took an even closer look at it.

Star Quest 2 is a PC game under development by Canada-based studio and publisher Virtual Adventures, who are currently seeking crowd funding on Kickstarter for their latest title with a goal of $30,000. Star Quest 2 is a blend of both Virtual’s previous games, Star Quest I in the 27th century and Stellar Mercenaries from 1995 and 1997 respectively, and is said to combine the greatest elements from real-time strategy, space combat, and racing in space into one game.

You can choose between three different roles in Star Quest 2 , either as a Deadly Gunner, which means you’re the best at shooting and all things to do with bullets coming out of muzzles; an Ace Pilot, which means you’re the best pilot that there ever was or ever will be when it comes to flying and fighting in space; or a Fleet Commander, which means you’re in the highest of seats in the command structure, where you manage resources, command a fleet and prep your troops for battle.

As for the different games modes you can have, this is where the space-sim-RTS-racer smoosh comes in. With RTS missions, as is to be expected, you’ll be able to build your own base, gather resources, forge a fleet, and command said fleet. What’s interesting is that you’ll be able to take the seat of a gunner in one of the ships in your fleet, or even fly said ship as a pilot. Aside from that there are also surface missions, where you can take the fight from space down to a planets surface and slug it out there. Lastly, there’s racing, where you can race with others to win credits and upgrades, for when you’re tired of fighting of course.

Star Quest 2 is touted to become a classic upon release, with more than 10 solar systems to explore, 15+ ships to fly, 20+ combat and/or strategy missions to fight in, and over five racing tracks to beat.

This game’s concept does very much tickle my fancy, as it sounds quite close to my dream RTS. I’m interested in seeing where Virtual goes with this, and I hope they’re able to reach their goal.

For more information on this Kickstarter campaign, such as co-op functionality, development progress and more, then head on over to Star Quest 2’s Kickstarter!

Source: Press release and Kickstarter .

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