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Star Wars: Squadrons Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Galaxy’s Finest (Story Mode) (15 points): Completed the campaign on Story Mode difficulty.
    The Galaxy’s Finest (Pilot) (15 points): Completed the campaign on Pilot difficulty.
    The Galaxy’s Finest (Veteran) (30 points): Completed the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
    The Galaxy’s Finest (Ace) (90 points): Completed the campaign on Ace difficulty.
    Dressed for the Job You Want (15 points): Equipped your pilot with their first Legendary cosmetic.
    A Starfighter of Your Own (15 points): Acquired your first starfighter component.
    Special Modifications (30 points): Acquired 50 components for your starfighters.
    A Better Idea (15 points): Modified a starfighter’s preset loadout in multiplayer.
    A Promising Career (15 points): Reached Pilot Level 10.
    Seasoned Star Pilot (30 points): Reached Pilot Level 40.
    Great Shot, Kid (30 points): Dealt the final blow to the enemy’s flagship in a Fleet Battle.
    Victory for the New Republic (15 points): Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the New Republic.
    Victory for the Empire (15 points): Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the Galactic Empire.
    Heavy Hitter (15 points): Dropped 50 bombs to damage Capital Ship hulls across multiple Ranked Fleet Battles.
    Begin the Ceremony (15 points): Earned your first Award.
    Found Your Place (15 points): Completed your Ranked placement matches.
    I Have You Now (15 points): Won 15 Dogfight matches.
    Stay on Target (15 points): Won 15 Co-op Fleet Battles vs. AI.
    Stronger Together (15 points): Won any match while playing in a party.
    Stun ‘Em (15 points): Disabled the same player five times in one match.
    Sound Strategy (15 points): Destroyed your first subsystem.
    Fearless (15 points): Destroyed an enemy while your hull integrity was 5% or lower.
    Back From the Brink (15 points): Returned to the Hangar with less than 5% hull integrity.
    I Know a Few Maneuvers (40 points): Destroyed 10 starfighters while drifting in Dogfight.
    Trigger Happy (15 points): Dealt more than 50,000 laser damage in a single match.
    Squadron Hunter (15 points): Destroyed four of each starfighter class in Dogfight matches.
    Unkillable (15 points): Evaded or countered 5 lock-ons in a row during a single match.
    The Trap is Set (15 points): Damaged 5 enemies with Seeker Mines in a single match.
    Shallow Grave (15 points): Used Tactical Shields or Supply Droids to rescue near-death allies 10 times in Ranked Fleet Battles.
    Across the Stars (30 points): Won a Ranked Fleet Battles match on every map.
    Got ‘Em (15 points): Destroyed a disabled starfighter 10 times across multiple Dogfight matches.
    Denied (15 points): Shot down 30 missiles, bombs, or mines in Ranked Fleet Battles.
    Mission Accomplished (30 points): Earned all Medals in a Story mission.
    Fully Decorated (30 points): Earned all Story Medals on any difficulty.
    Fracture at Fostar Haven (15 points): Completed the Prologue.
    Combat Pilot (15 points): Destroyed 50 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
    Unstoppable Ace (30 points): Destroyed 250 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
    Ultimate Weapon (90 points): Destroyed 1000 starfighters in Dogfight matches.
    Stomped (15 points): Won a Fleet Battles vs. AI match with both Capital Ships and your Flagship intact.

Additionally, there are eight secret achievements:

    Together, Vanguard (15 points): Destroyed the Cruiser at Cavas without backup.
    Asset Secured (15 points): Acquired the Not Even Close Medal.
    Temporary Guardian (15 points): Acquired the Marksman Medal.
    Safety in the Storm (15 points): Protected the entire convoy in the Zavian Abyss.
    Flames Over Mon Cala (15 points): Destroyed all fuel pods at Mon Cala.
    Baited (15 points): Destroyed a New Republic fighter using a core near Sissubo.
    Against the Current (15 points): Acquired the Thread the Needle Medal.
    Punch It (15 points): Maintained maximum speed during the Galitan escape.
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