Steam Client Gets its Own Music Player

Steam Client Gets its Own Music Player

As detailed on the official Steam website on Wednesday, September 24, another update to the Steam client itself (in addition to the Steam Discovery update) has introduced a music player–coined as “Steam Music”–that’ll allow for you to play soundtracks from games via Valve’s digital distribution client.

To celebrate this occasion, Valve has announced a free giveaway for a number of original soundtracks from a selection of games. However, you first have to own the games the soundtracks belong to in order to cash in on the deal.

However, in conjunction with the giveaway, the game’s belonging to each respective soundtrack have been given a 75 percent discount, which will end next week on Wednesday, October 1 at 10am Pacific Standard Time.

Additional soundtracks from other games will also be available to purchase through Steam’s new feature. This means that, aside from the soundtracks that are being given away, you buy soundtracks from games such as Planetary Annihilation (as part of its Digital Deluxe Edition add-on), Plague Inc: Evolved , Darksiders II , Octodad , Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and more.

Point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You’ll also find your Steam Soundtracks DLC in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed, ” Steam instructs.

Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it’s all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.

The free soundtracks, along with their respective discount games, have been listed below.

We’ll bring you more news on Steam should further information reach our ears.

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