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Syberia 2 Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Phone Game (50 points): Call everyone on the phone.
    Trick or Treat (80 points): Get Candyroff phone number.
    On the way to Syberia (100 points): Finish the game.
    Gossip (100 points): Talk with every character.
    Snoop (100 points): Find all the game items.
    Old School (200 points): Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

    Doctor Walker (40 points): Take Hans to the Patriarch.
    Beastmaster (50 points): Get a Youki friend.
    Flying Kate (50 points): Use Boris’s plane.
    Hansception (50 points): Enter the dream.
    Heartless (50 points): Witness Oscar’s sacrifice.
    At the edge of the world (50 points): Find Syberia.
    Memory from Aralbad (80 points): Read what happened to Helena Romanski.
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