Tales of Arise Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Alphen and Shionne serve as the main protagonists of Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Tales of Arise is the latest in the long-running Tales series, a JRPG franchise that’s been running since 1995. Bandai Namco publishes and develops the series. Tales of Arise came out in 2021 and then became the first of the series to feature a simultaneous worldwide launch. It stars a man and a woman from opposing worlds who unite in spite of their differences in a quest to end oppression and unite their people. The game won best RPG at the Game Awards that year, beating out both the troubled launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and the latest entry in Capcom’s beloved Monster Hunter franchise. If you want to experience Tales of Arise for yourself, here’s everything you need to know.

Tales of Arise Premise

Shionne stands on a city street.

The setting of Tales of Arise is divided between the worlds of Dahna and Rena. The former is a more traditionally medieval setting, while Rena is considerably more advanced in terms of technology. Three centuries ago, Rena invaded and conquered the realm of Dahna, subsequently casting its citizens into subjugation and oppression. The game stars an amnesiac Dahnan slave known as Iron Mask and a young Renan woman named Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore. The latter bears a nasty curse that causes intense pain to anyone who touches her. However, Iron Mask’s inability to feel pain lets him team up with her. The duo then form an alliance to take down the five Renan lords holding Dahna in oppression.

In terms of gameplay, Tales of Arise is a third-person action RPG, following series tradition. It boasts a heavy focus on movement in combat. Consequently, evading and countering attacks is key to success in battle. Developers have cited 2009’s Tales of Graces as inspiration for the combat system in this game. Tales of Arise does not feature multiplayer, unlike many other games in the franchise. This is because the developers wanted to focus more on the battle system and interactions between the game’s party members.

Tales of Arise Main Characters

Alphen's mysterious past comes to light over the course of Tales of Arise.
Alphen’s mysterious past comes to light over the course of Tales of Arise.

As with many RPGs, Tales of Arise has a sizable cast of characters. Your journey through the strife-filled dual worlds of Dahna and Rena will likewise bring you face to face with many striking individuals. Some of them will join your quest to liberate Dahna, while others serve as bitter adversaries. Here are the most important characters you will meet in Tales of Arise.

  • Alphen: Alphen is one of the two main characters in Tales of Arise. At the beginning of the game he suffers from severe memory loss, and therefore goes by the moniker of Iron Mask. He is a slave fighting for freedom with the help of the Blazing Sword, a burning weapon summoned by Shionne’s Master Core that only he can control.
  • Shionne: This Renan woman is determined to take down the five lords of her world by any means necessary. While her relationship with Alphen begins as a strictly utilitarian one, they bond over the course of the game. Shione wields a powerful magical rifle in combat. Her unique curse prevents anyone from touching her without suffering extreme pain.
  • Rinwell: Rinwell is one of the last Dahnan mages left in the world. Upon joining your party she uses her magical abilities to cast powerful Astral Artes, potent spells that can completely turn the tide of battle if she gets the time to channel them. She is also accompanied by her pet owl, Hootle.
  • Law: Law is a former member of the Bureau of Observation, a Renan law enforcement agency. The course of the game sees him eventually abandon his post and join the party to bring down the Renan lords with Shionne and Alphen. He favors unarmed combat with heavy gauntlets, letting him swiftly string together blows in combat.
  • Lord Dohalim: Lord Dohalim is one of the Renan Lords, ruling the region of Viscint. He came by his post unwillingly, however, and happily joins the party to bring about peace in Dahna. In combat, Dohalim uses a rod, with which he can deliver strong melee attacks and perform healing artes to resurrect fallen allies.
  • Kisara: Lord Dohalim’s bodyguard is a noble Dahnan soldier named Kisara, who joins the party to protect her charge. She is an honorable woman and a powerful knight, wielding a heavy mace and tower shield in combat and serving as an indomitable tank.

Tales of Arise Titles In The Series

Tales of Arise's fast-paced combat is on display as Alphen fights a horrid beast.
Tales of Arise’s fast-paced combat is on display as Alphen fights a horrid beast.

The Tales franchise is a very long-running one, with a grand total of seventeen main series games to date. The titles typically stand independent of one another in terms of story and setting, but common gameplay and story themes link them together. If you’re a big RPG fan, here’s the full list of titles in the Tales series so you can get caught up.

  • Tales of Phantasia (1995)
  • Tales of Destiny (1997)
  • Tales of Eternia (2000)
  • Tales of Destiny 2 (2002)
  • Tales of Symphonia (2003)
  • Tales of Rebirth (2004)
  • Tales of Legendia (2005)
  • Tales of the Abyss (2005)
  • Tales of the Tempest (2006)
  • Tales of Innocence (2007)
  • Tales of Vesperia (2008)
  • Tales of Hearts (2008)
  • Tales of Graces (2009)
  • Tales of Xillia (2011)
  • Tales of Xillia 2 (2012)
  • Tales of Zestiria (2015)
  • Tales of Berseria (2016)
  • Tales of Arise (2021)

Tales of Arise Cheat Codes

There are several characters in Tales of Arise's main party, like the mage Rinwell.
There are several characters in Tales of Arise’s main party, like the mage Rinwell.

While Tales of Arise does not feature formal cheat codes, there is a way for you to modify your gameplay experience in-game. You can do this by collecting Artifacts, special items that you can find throughout the game by exploring and completing side quests. Each Artifact has a distinct perk that you can equip at will. Here’s the full list of Artifacts in the game and what each one does.

  • Crocodile Crusher: You unlock this Artifact automatically during the main story. It grants the Artes Set +1 ability, which allows you to equip twice as many Artes as before.
  • Quivering Candles: These candles grant the More Ore perk, which lets you increase the amount of ore from mining points. It’s a reward for the side quest The Mysterious Pair.
  • Glutton’s Maze: You can find this Artifact by completing the side quest Gourmet Saga: Prairie Scent. It grants the Cooking Effect Boost 1 perk, which makes recipes last 10% longer.
  • Blade of Sealing: This odd sword is found in a treasure chest in the tower west of Adan Lake. Its perk, 1 Damage, reduces all damage dealt by both party members and enemies to 1, and is useful mostly just for combat practice.
  • Drums of the Master: A treasure chest in Aureum Falls yields this Artifact, which bestows the Combo Point Boost perk. This increases combo points earned from battle by 20%.
  • Lucky Cat Statue: You can get this Artifact from the Echoes quest, whereupon you can increase Skill Points earned from battle by 20%.
  • Glutton’s Guidebook: Like Glutton’s Maze, this item also boosts recipe duration by 10%. It’s a reward for The Phantom Flower of Nevira.
  • Golden Lucky Cat Statue: This iteration on the previous cat statue boosts Skill Points by 80% instead of 20%. You can get it as a reward for the Untamable Rage quest.
  • Hellmask Fiend Skull: This artifact is the inverse of the Blade of Sealing. It increases damage dealt and taken by 100%. You can acquire it by completing Dohalim’s Advanced solo battle in the Training Grounds.
  • Drum of the Legend: This artifact extends the Combo Point Boost perk from the Drums of the Master to 80% as opposed to 20%. You earn it by completing the Farewell, Mage side quest.
  • Golden Suit of Armor: This artifact’s perk is Super EXP Boost, which grants an 80% gain to experience earned from battle. You can obtain it from the side quest Spirit Temple.
  • Glutton’s Code: You can increase the duration of cooking recipes an extra 20% with this artifact, found during the quest Global Connection.
  • Silver Suit of Armor: This armor grants a 20% bonus to experience gained from battle, and you can acquire it from the quest Their Future.
  • Golden Fairy Statue: Like the candles, this artifact further increases the amount of ore you can earn from mining points. It’s a reward from A Humbling Lesson.
  • Devil Sculpture: This mysterious artifact unlocks Chaos Difficulty, which you can select from the settings menu. It’s a reward for Dohalim’s Ultimate solo battle at the training grounds.
  • Mechanical Doll Accessory: This artifact makes you undetectable when making contact with enemy icons. It’s found inside a treasure chest at the Vesper Rift.
  • Battle Maiden’s Shield: This artifact lets you carry over your equipment into New Game+ after you beat the game. You unlock it by finding the special owl in Glanymede Castle Lord’s Chamber.
  • Vivid Sphere: This artifact carries over library records into a New Game+. It’s a reward from the special owl in Iglia Wastes.
  • Broken Machine Gun: This is another New Game+ artifact, letting you carry your money and items into New Game+. You get it from the special owl in Riville Prison Tower’s hidden chamber.
  • Ancient Excavator: With this item you can transfer your party members’ stats and levels into New Game+. The hidden owl in Autelina Palace Guard Room will grant you this boon.
  • Trident: This one carries over titles and learned skills for New Game+ and can be found from the owl in Del Fharis Castle Lord’s Chamber.
  • Metal Miner’s Cap: You can carry over Arte proficiencies and usage counts using this artifact, which is gained from the special owl in the Uninhabited Island.
  • Machine Beast Statue: By reporting the special owls you’ve found to the king of the Owl Forest, you can unlock this final Artifact, which will let you carry over outfits to New Game+.

Tales of Arise Cheats FAQ

At higher levels, combat in Tales of Arise can get explosive.
At higher levels, combat in Tales of Arise can get explosive.

Is Tales of Arise too grindy? A common complaint leveled at RPGs like Tales of Arise is that they demand too much grinding from the player. The flow of a game’s story and progression can be seriously thrown off if you have to go out of your way to repeatedly take down weak enemies in order to boost your stats. Luckily, most reviewers report that Tales of Arise does not demand that much grinding from the player. Skill and level progression is fairly organic, and the only point to going out of your way to grind is to save up on materials for crafting.

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