Team Builder Added to League of Legends Permanently

Team Builder Added to League of Legends Permanently

Earlier on this month, Riot Games introduced Team Builder to League of Legends . While only being a live Beta test across all of its regional servers, Team Builder opened up a new way for League of Legends players to experiment with role compositions, player positioning, and it made the matchmaking experience a lot more streamlined (albeit with hiccups every now and then).

Once Team Builder had been dished out to half of its regional servers, Riot Games expressed that it would like to improve upon Team Builder, outlining a couple of things like communication and player intention. What’s more, the studio detailed that it would be monitoring and collecting data on every usage of Team Builder in order to work on a smarter matchmaking system for the feature.

Now, as of last week (March 25), after its test run, Team Builder will be permanently staying in League of Legends . Revealed on its own dedicated page on League of Legends’ official website, Team Builder has been added as a separate queue similar to blind pick normal queues–much like what it was during its live Beta test–and it takes the appearance of a redesigned champion select. Team Builder isn’t replacing any existing queues. However, the feature isn’t available for ranked queues.

In Team Builder, you are allowed to queue as a captain of a team or as a solo player. As a captain, you have jurisdiction over who enters your team; you get to decided who goes where and what role they should play. When soloing, you pick the champion and the role you want, and wait in a queue until a captain accepts you into their team.

With Team Builder, you are able to play with whatever champion you want in whatever role you want; you are given the freedom to experiment with different tactics and strategies based on what you feel like doing. Initially, Team Builder won’t allow for multiple roles. Even though the meta will still be vigilantly maintained within some circles no doubt, this implies that such an option may be available later down the line.

For further information and an FAQ on Team Builder, you can head on over to the feature’s dedicated page here . At the time of writing, the Team Builder queue still has “(Beta)” next to its title. This may be a minor mistake on Riot’s behalf, or the feature still has some issues that are still to be ironed out.

Source: LeagueOfLegends.com .

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