The 19 Best Free Games You Can Play Today (No DLC)!

A promotional photo from Apex Legends.

The 19 Best Free Games You Can Play Today (No DLC)!

The only thing better than a great game is a great game that you can get for free. If you’ve been annoyed at the balance between the cash in your wallet and the games you want to play, you’re far from alone. The money grind has gotten even worse as games jump up to $70 and add-ons or special features only become available with pricey premium additions.

If you want a break and are trying to stave off inflation, we’ve got just the thing you need: A list of great games you can play for free. These games don’t just offer free tastes or demos, they unpack the whole experience for you without requiring money. Take a look at our favorites, and feel free to try as many as you want. After all, it won’t anything!


Fortnite characters gather against a colorful background.
Fortnite’s accessible fun remains intact.

There are tons of ways to pay for Fortnite, but the base Battle Royale game is still free. And that’s great news because Fortnite remains a blast to play. It’s very easy to learn but can take a long time to master as you seek out faster and more devious ways to strike down other players. The goal is to survive as long as you can, but games still tend to go by pretty fast. Dying frequently can be a pain, but you bounce back just as fast.

Plus, Fortnite is one of the most widely available games on our list. You can find it on all kinds of platforms, and its simple graphics work with basically any computer setup. All you need to bring is reliable internet and a willingness to let hordes of players beat you until you learn the ropes.  

Path of Exile

Character surviving in Path of Exile Sanctum League.
Path of Exile‘s massive systems give players endless things to learn.

Gamers famously play Path of Exile for years without understanding some of the systems, so explaining it in a couple of paragraphs is a challenge. This dark fantasy game has reigned as the most popular ARPG experience after Diablo, and is completely free (plus or minus some trading upgrades). Choose your class, then pick and connect hundreds of skill or support gems on your gear. Soon, you’ll be slashing your way through 10 acts of the gruesome story mode.

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Of course, that’s just the beginning. There’s an endgame with a separate story of its own, as vast and complex as POE’s dizzying skill trees or labyrinthian crafting system. If you don’t mind looking up guides and in-game currency prices on a second screen, Path of Exile will last for hundreds of hours. And new content is added every several months with updated leagues (not to mention a sequel campaign in the works).

Final Fantasy XIV

Characters and title screen for Final Fantasy 14.
FXIV is free up through level 60, plenty of time to play.

FFXIV is well known for its massive turnaround, in which it rebuilt the game from the ground up for massive improvements. It’s this attention to detail that has made the game one of the best free online playing experiences available. And this MMO still gets plenty of updates and expansions, yielding hundreds of hours of content that doesn’t disappoint.

The class system is satisfying, finding others to play with is easy, and there are endless activities to explore. However, FFXIV does keep a few things locked away behind a paywall, including most of the stuff beyond level 60. Fortunately, there’s still so much to do before then you won’t get bored for hours – and by then, you’ll know if you want to continue.

Overwatch 2

Two character battle on the streets in an Overwatch 2 map.
Overwatch 2 changes quite a bit, but adds free gameplay.

Blizzard’s revamp of the popular Overwatch team-based shooter has led to some contention. The long-planned PvE mode has been canceled, the new battle pass system locks many things away that used to be free, and players had to get used to new 5v5 team comps. But while there are a lot of feelings being expressed about all this, one great change for frugal players is that Overwatch 2 is free to play. Avoid paying for battle pass options, and you don’t have to spend a cent.

Every character in Overwatch (divided into damage, defense, and support categories) is unique, colorful, and offers their own set of abilities. One of the fun parts is finding out which character you vibe with the most. Some prefer lighthearted Lucio’s AOE heals, while others may like robot Ramattra’s aggressive defense, and so on. Since games are typically short, around 15 to 20 minutes outside of comp, you can get in and out quickly. That makes it easy to find time to play for even the most casual.


Three Warframe suits leap in a Warframe title page.
“Ninjas play free,” as Warframe’s longtime logo says.

The basics of Warframe are easy to describe. You pick and upgrade one of the dozens of different frames (magic ninja robot suits, basically) then zip around the galaxy. There are many different missions and storylines filled with hordes of baddies to blast through as you go. Other frames, each incredibly unique, eventually become available. Plus, the in-game universe will feel familiar to any fan of Warhammer.

But Warframe goes much deeper than its first missions would indicate. There’s a vast endgame of crafting and chasing down rare ingredients, and always another frame to collect or upgrade. It can be daunting for newcomers trying to make their way through the story (which hasn’t aged well). But the patient players are rewarded time and again, especially when new seasons are added.


Two character's face down in a Paladins castle.
Paladin’s is a gentler team shooter that’s still free to play.

The game Paladins has been a proven refuge for players tired of Overwatch or ready to try a new, somewhat less-stressful team shooter. Paladins — entirely free to download and play — incorporates several MOBA features to make things interesting. You level up during the game, and use a card system to draw on different passives or abilities. Win games, and you’ll start unlocking even more cards, quickly creating an excellent free-to-play feedback loop.


Characters swirl around a Hearthstone title image.
This casual card game is great for beginners and free to start.

Freemium Hearthstone is a strategy card game, but even if that’s not your style you may want to give this free download a try. This Blizzard game is famously easy to learn and start building decks even if you’ve never tried a card game. Online guides and content creators are at hand to fill in any gaps as you go. Plus, the format and artwork are friendly to newcomers, too. It’s suitable for both casual play or for serious competition.

Some long-time fans may argue that Hearthstone pushes a strong play-to-win mechanic with very rare card drops. While you can pay for extra cards (and that is an advantage), you don’t have to. The game is entirely free if you don’t mind grinding a bit for better cards, which can be won naturally through play progress.

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Rocket League

Illustrated cars chase a ball in Rocket League.
Rocket League is free and effortless to jump into.

Few free games provide the casual thrill of Rocket League, one of the easiest games on our list to jump into and out of. Matches don’t usually take much time, and there’s no learning curve when first diving in. Learn how to pilot your ride around the vast arena, and you’ll be improving your skills in no time. Gameplay focuses on simple goal-oriented play but also allows for plenty of tricks, impressive shots, and last-second defense.

If you prefer, you can win a variety of cosmetics and equip your vehicle with tons of accessories and effects. It’s not necessary to have fun, but it does give you something to do if you start getting invested in the game.

Destiny 2

A hunter shoots enemies in Destiny 2.
Destiny 2‘s base game is free for players to learn the ropes.

Destiny 2 is the odd one out on our list, because you do have to pay for it — sort of. DLC, subclasses, and important story-oriented seasons are all locked behind cash. However, the base game is still free to explore and enjoy. That includes some campaign options and the ability to experiment with the original subclasses. You can also find lots of loot to level up and team up with others to explore a variety of activities, aiming for shinier, more powerful guns and exotic pieces.

But most importantly, Destiny 2’s gameplay experience is unparalleled when it comes to first-person shooting. It feels incredible, and adding in space magic skill trees gives it just the right depth compared to all other competitors.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Character with blue lightsaber in Old Republic game.
It may be old, but SWTOR is a free classic.

Back in the day, this MMORPG came at a cost. These days, you can find this famous Star Wars experience for free. This lets you experience the story that Star Wars fans still talk about today, exploring the Galaxy by choosing from eight classes. Even DLCs like Rise of the Hutt Cartel are free to play. And, of course, all the choices you make impact how people respond, and which side of the fight you prefer.

Some graphics and systems can feel a little dated in this MMO. But you’ll find the core experience remains the same today as ever, an engrossing story that will keep you playing. That makes SWTOR just as easy to recommend as it has been for years.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks title image with multiple tanks converging on target.
World of Tanks isn’t just for the tank-obsessed (but it helps).

If you like throwing a bunch of big tanks on a battlefield and seeing who wins, we have a free game you’ll love. Every game features a massive team battle where you can choose your own tank and try different strategies. While it’s simple, fans of battle technology or maximizing their results can dive into the strengths and weaknesses of each tank. There are ways to research what’s best, and a lot of tank history. You also get a number of customization options to upgrade your tanks to match your preferred strategy.

There are payment options to access more tanks over time, but that’s not necessary to enjoy the game.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Title image for Magic the Gathering Arena.
Magic the Gathering Arena is a free, digital version of the game.

While Hearthstone may be casual-friendly, Arena is more for players that understand a good deck-building system but really don’t like the idea of paying (and paying…and paying) for more cards. First, Arena is not only free to start playing but is digital, so you don’t have to worry about collecting physical cards. Second, its tutorials are a great way to learn the mechanics. And third, the digital platform allows for amazing effect animations.

As with other card games, you do have the option to purchase booster packs and other add-ons, which can be difficult for some players to resist. However, if you want to avoid paying you can still enjoy the free version and get new cards to expand your deck options.

EVE Online

Targeted spaceship fire in Eve Online.
EVE Online doesn’t have to be daunting if you start slow.

EVE Online has a reputation as that game, the game with an economy to rival real-world nations and their politics. A game where people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to treachery, surprise attacks, and other spacefaring shenanigans. However, it also has a free version to play with a number of ships available without any cost. That allows curious players to dip their toes in and experiment with the scifi MMO at their own pace. Join a faction, explore available jobs, and try exploring, trading, or investing to upgrade your ship.

Of course, at higher levels, EVE Online is dauntingly complex and takes a soul-sucking amount of investment. But if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can jump in without spending a cent.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends title next to a group of playable characters in poses.
Apex Legends smooth gameplay is a gift for Battle Royale fans.

The team shooter Apex Legends refined the Battle Royale approach to a level unseen before the Titanfall creator unveiled this free-to-play gem. This title specializes in enormous, well-crafted maps, and user-friendly abilities that allow for instant communication with others. Unique classes also allow players to find their preferred way to survive and thrive, and these “legends” have a frequently expanding roster to experiment with, so things don’t get boring. In fact, Apex Legend’s specialty is fighting off boredom. You just may need some practice to start feeling comfortable with it.

Genshin Impact

Characters from Genshin Impact against a fantasy background.
Genshin Impact‘s casual gameplay is also free to try.

While Genshin Impact may be an acquired taste, there’s nothing like it on the market right now. It’s an interesting mix of art, music, and MMO exploration where you build a team of characters and conquer the lands before teaming up with other players. Sure, there are combat and boss fights, but many players spend more time on fashion and friendship than they do on taking down the bad guys.

So many options give you many choices on how and why to play, and the more casual nature of this MMO suits those who want to chill more than the ultra-competitive.

Marvel SNAP

Title image for card game Marvel SNAP.
Marvel SNAP easily wins fans over with charming gameplay.

Marvel SNAP came along at just the right time, a Marvel-fueled card game readily accessible from multiple devices (including your phone). Since it’s all about Marvel characters, the game is easy to learn, fun to play, and ready for fans who want to build a deck with their favorite characters. The game is still a little rough around the edges, but very easy to pick up and enjoy without digging into your wallet.

League of Legends

Characters charge forward in League of Legends illustration.
League of Legends offers tons of free gameplay.

League of Legends has earned a reputation for frustration during high-stakes gameplay, but if you’re a fan of MOBAs there’s nothing else like it. You have more than 160 champions to explore and unlock, which means things won’t get boring. And, with multiple modes and endless team strategies, there’s always something else for ambitious players to learn. Just don’t let salty teammates get you down, and you’ll have a blast.

Lost Ark

Title image and characters for Lost Ark.
Lost Ark is a beautiful grind.

Lost Arks Korean-style MMO meets ARPG made a big splash when it first arrived in the Western world. There’s a lot to love about this free adventure, including the beautiful animations and the way that abilities combine organically as you fight. Those looking for another action adventure with RPG elements should see if it’s the game for them. The endgame becomes infamously grindy for those who want to level up their loot, which can be a drawback. But when it’s free to try, you don’t have much to lose even if you want to take things slow.

Fall Guys

Characters from Fall Guys slip around colorful track.
Fall Guys is free, fun, and family-friendly.

Fall Guys introduces colorful obstacle courses to navigate while trying not to, well, fall. You play with others who are also trying not to fall, while working to make sure you fall. In the ensuing chaos, only one can emerge victorious. It’s a ridiculously fun time for everyone involved, and suitable for all ages without spending a dime. Plus, there are solo modes to practice with if you’re getting knocked off a little too much in multiplayer.

Final Tips on Getting Free Games

The games we’ve focused on for this list are broadly free no matter what platform you may be playing on, although some may be limited to just PC. There are other ways of getting sort-of free games too. Subscribing to Game Pass on PC or Xbox is an excellent example. Or browsing Steam’s latest deals can yield free-to-play options if you want even more choices.

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