The Best Team Comps in Wuthering Waves

The Best Team Comps in Wuthering Waves

To succeed in Wuthering Waves, you need to understand all its mechanics. From the intro and outro skills to forte priority, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to optimally playing the game. One of the easiest things for players to optimize is team composition. Who you place in your party is incredibly important, especially once you start entering mid and late-game content. The early game can have any team because frankly the game is balanced around you not knowing how to play. Once you receive your first 5-star unit, it’s time to start thinking about team composition. By the end of this article, you will know the best team compositions as of patch 1.0.19 and how to theory-craft a good team composition yourself. Here are the best team comps in Wuthering Waves.

Building a Team Composition

Building a Wuthering Waves team composition isn’t that difficult once you understand the roles each character fills. The characters of this title are all dedicated to either the DPS or support role. When building your team, make sure you start with your Main DPS. This should probably be a 5-star, but if you don’t have one yet, the player character, Rover, works perfectly fine. This character will be on the field the most out of your team, so you should make sure your main DPS is capable of the most damage.

After you choose your Main DPS, it’s important to choose another DPS unit that synergizes well with the first one. This is your Sub-DPS unit. Whenever you switch from your Main DPS, it’ll most likely be to this unit. The Sub-DPS’s job is to keep damage per second high and gather energy for the Main DPS to use. As you’re starting most DPS units can be in either slot, just choose your favorites in the early game.

Finally, to round out the team comp will be the support. There are only two supports in the game currently, and one of them is much better than the other. However, the one you receive for free is very viable and good to have until you pull the other one. The Support unit is responsible for healing the entire party, and the 5-star Verina can even buff party damage! Since there are only two units to choose from, it just comes down to whether you have Verina or not. Technically Verina is way better, but at the beginning of the game just choose whoever you like more.

Another detail you should be aware of when building your team is the unit’s element. Every character is able to deal an elemental damage of some kind. Those who use the rectifier weapon only use that element. Some enemies have type immunities against certain elements and if you have a team full of one element you could soft-lock yourself from story content. For example, Prism enemies are immune to attacks of the element attached to their name. Fusion Prism is immune to Fusion attacks, Glacio Prism is immune to Glacio, and so on. It’s important to make sure your first team has a variety of elements and if there is a mono-element team you like playing, it probably should be prioritized after a well-balanced one.

The Best Early Game Team Composition

Rover (or Chixia), Yangyang, and Baizhi


Wuthering Waves‘ teams are usually 3 units, but when it comes to the early game, you have a choice for your Main DPS option. Luckily for new players, the free characters received are actually decent for the most part. Rover, Yangyang, and Baizhi is an incredibly balanced team that even has mid-game viability. Chixia can also fill the Main-DPS role, even though she isn’t as good as Rover once the game goes on. It just depends on player preference at this stage of the game, but Yangyang and Baizhi should fill the Sub-DPS and Support roles respectively. Yangyang just doesn’t deal enough damage on her own, and Baizhi is a better utility character.

The Best Team Compositions All-Around

Calcharo, Sanhua, Verina (or Baizhi)


Calcharo loves units like Sanhua that can buff his Basic Attack damage with their outro skill. Pair that with Verina who also buffs her team with her outro skill, and you have the perfect team for Calcharo. If you don’t have Verina, Baizhi will suffice, but there will be a significant drop in DPS.

Encore, Yangyang (or Sanhua), and Verina (or Baizhi)


Encore is a bit more flexible than most of the other 5-stars. A team composition using her depends on how you like playing her. If you want to make use of her skills and strong ultimate, then choose Yangyang as your Sub-DPS. If you prefer her enhanced basic attacks from her Cosmos Rave state, then Sanhua would be a bit more useful. As for Verina and Baizhi, as stated previously: if you have Verina, use her.

Jianxin, Aalto, and Yangyang


This is the only team composition that’s viable without a healer (as of the current 1.0.19 patch). Jianxin is a jack-of-all-trades unit. She has enough survivability on her own, and the other two units in the composition uplift her to new heights. Aalto increases her elemental damage with his skill and Yangyang provides energy. Be careful though, as this is a mono-element team.

Lingyang, Yangyang (or Sanhua), and Verina (or Baizhi)


Lingyang’s potential is locked behind the player’s skill and Striding Lion state from his ultimate. His best team composition, similar to Encore, depends on what you’d rather have. More energy to access the Striding Lion state more often or better basic attacks, which is what you’ll primarily use while in the Striding Lion state. If you prefer the former then Yangyang is perfect, if not then go with Sanhua. Verina or Baizhi’s placement criteria are the same as previously stated.

Danjin, Mortefi, and Verina


If you have Verina but none of the 5-star units, then you can build this team composition to utilize Verina best. She’s a flexible support that works very well with Danjin. Danjin’s skills drain her health, but with the best healer in the game by her side, this isn’t an issue. Mortefi fits well as Sub-DPS because he can buff Danjin’s Heavy Attack.

The Best Team Composition In Wuthering Waves

Jiyan, Mortefi (or Aalto), and Verina


As of the current patch, Jiyan is the best Main DPS in the game. His high damage output comes from his Heavy Attack. Mortefi is best for him because of this fact, but if you don’t have Mortefi, Aalto works well too. Unfortunately, where the other team comps allow for Verina to be replaced by Baizhi, for Jiyan to achieve his full potential Verina is required. This is because she further buffs his damage with her outro skill. If you are lucky enough to have these units without spending too much time and money on them, this is the best team composition in the game.

Wuthering Waves Characters To Look Out For



In the next coming weeks, Wuthering Waves will be adding Yinlin to the game. Many believe she is going to be a top 3 unit, and if so she will completely change the order of the best team compositions. The teams stated above will still be viable after her release, but if you want the best of the best, be on the lookout for her banner.

Jinhsi, Changli, and Camellya

Every unit after Yinlin isn’t confirmed in terms of the release order, but they are coming nonetheless. Less is known about these units and how they’ll fit into the Wuthering Waves meta but keep them in mind while building your teams.

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