The 7 Blade and Sorcery Best Mods You Should Try Today

Players holding a sword imbued by lightning magic.

The 7 Blade and Sorcery Best Mods You Should Try Today

Blade and Sorcery, the medieval fantasy game known for its VR melee combat, offers a great platform for modification. This VR game has amassed a community that continues to enhance the gaming experience. A variety of innovative and captivating mods change the game in different ways. This includes everything from lightsaber-wielding combat to UI changes.

If you’re new to the modding scene or simply looking to change your Blade and Sorcery gameplay, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the seven most interesting and convenient mods for Blade and Sorcery. These modifications, crafted by the community, promise to take your gaming experience to new heights.

The Outer Rim

Star Wars themed equipment in The Outer Rim mod for Blade and Sorcery.
This mod brings Star Wars-themed combat to Blade and Sorcery.

The Outer Rim is a complete Star Wars-themed modification for Blade and Sorcery. This mod brings the iconic Star Wars universe within the game. It introduces a remarkable range of Star Wars elements from lightsabers to blasters. Moreover, the mod offers players the unique opportunity to immerse themselves further into this beloved universe. Players can wear Star Wars-themed helmets and use Star Wars items. 

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The extent of the mod doesn’t end with mere looks. Besides the hundreds of items it brings into the game, the mod also introduces custom maps. Accompanying these custom maps are custom NPCs, adding to the Star Wars theme. 

One key feature of this mod is its lightsaber mechanism. Lightsabers feature kyber crystals, which, coupled with an adjustable lightsaber blade length, provide a tailored experience to the players. In addition, the mod brings functional blasters that come with different fire modes, scopes, and interchangeable gas canisters. 

Lastly, the mod improves the gameplay dynamics by including many AI waves. The mod also provides players with the option to activate force-like gravity and jumping add-ons, enhancing the movement dynamics. There’s also an optional player home add-on, which changes the environment where players spend their time between missions.

Medieval MegaPack

Variety of weapons available in Medieval MegaPack mod for Blade and Sorcery.
The selection of weapons in the mod includes various axes, maces, and swords.

Medieval MegaPack, also known as MMP, is a massive content expansion for Blade and Sorcery. It takes players deep into the heart of various historical periods and cultures. It offers an extensive array of over 400 historically themed items to Blade and Sorcery. The mod features a comprehensive catalog encompassing a range of combat styles. These items include everything from traditional melee weapons to explosives, tools, gadgets, and even food.

Players can opt for melee engagement with historically accurate swords, axes, or maces, or take a strategic approach using throwing weapons. Additionally, the mod includes the use of crossbows and early forms of firearms, catering to those who prefer ranged combat. Furthermore, there’s inclusion of magic weapons. These add to the imbued magical weapons of the standard version of Blade and Sorcery.

Aside from items, Medieval MegaPack also affects NPC behavior within the game. Enemies in Blade and Sorcery use items from this mod, using the same weapons available to the player. The Medieval MegaPack adds layers of complexity and depth to Blade & Sorcery’s gameplay with an array of historically themed items.

Realistic Blood

Blood dripping in the Realistic Blood mod for Blade and Sorcery
The mod delivers a more realistic representation of blood and wounds.

Realistic Blood is a mod designed for the Blade and Sorcery. It amplifies the game’s sense of realism by simulating lifelike blood effects. This mod adds a new layer of authenticity to the game’s combat system and physics. Its primary function is to create believable, physics-based bleeding from wounds inflicted during combat encounters.

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With the mod Realistic Blood, wounds in Blade and Sorcery bleed in a realistic manner. Wounds shed blood drops that can land on characters or the environment. Additionally, the mod incorporates nosebleeds when a character is hit with substantial force. This adds another degree of authenticity of damage dealt to an already realistic game.

The mod doesn’t stop at surface wounds, either. In situations where the torso is stabbed, blood can be seen emerging from the mouth and nose of characters. This detail adds to the realistic, albeit brutal, element of the game. Realistic Blood is a noteworthy mod for players seeking a heightened level of realism in inflicted damage.

Spell Wheel Enhancer

An updated view of the UI in Spell Wheel Enchancer mod for Blade and Sorcery
No more overlapping items in the spell wheel menu.

The Spell Wheel Enhancer is a mod specifically designed for Blade and Sorcery to fix one simple issue. The mod is aimed at enhancing the functionality and user interface of the spell wheel. This mod introduces a couple of convenient features that provide players with more control over their spell management, resulting in a more streamlined experience.

The first feature of the Spell Wheel Enhancer is the ability to accommodate more spells without overlapping. With this mod, the spell wheel dynamically expands as players accumulate more spells, keeping each one distinct and easily accessible. Blade and Sorcery, like any game, isn’t perfect, but fortunately this issue is easily fixed.

Another useful feature introduced by this mod is the display of spell names when hovering over them in the spell wheel. This tool assists in quick and accurate spell identification. If players prefer a minimalist interface, they can turn off the display of spell names by adjusting the font size in the JSON file.

The Spell Wheel Enhancer offers quick and easy fixes to some UI issues that players might have with the standard game.

Tools of the Trade

Wrist Blades in the Tools of the Trade mod for Blade and Sorcery
The mod features appropriate weaponry for stealth gameplay.

The Tools of the Trade mod for Blade and Sorcery introduces an assortment of new items and gadgets designed to enhance the game’s stealth mechanics. Drawing inspiration from celebrated stealth games like Thief, Dishonored, and Assassin’s Creed, this mod provides players with unique items tailored for covert gameplay. This is something the player base has wanted from the beginning, which also made the Blade and Sorcery team add stealth kills into the original experience as well.

The standout feature of this mod is its so-called Arm-aments framework, which focuses on arm-mounted weaponry. These include the Hidden Blade, the Grappling Hook, and the Expandable Shield, which players can attach to the characters arms. The mod also includes the Crossbow from Dishonored, Blackjack from Thief games, and other famous weapons from stealth titles. This makes Tools of the Trade an excellent choice and worthy install for those that love the stealth genre as much as VR.

Dynamic Breakables

Fighting scene in Dynamic Breakables mod for Blade and Sorcery
The mod adds to the realism with more breakable objects.

Blade and Sorcery features as a standalone game breakable items, including barrels and boxes. Players can shatter these items into multiple pieces using magic and weaponry, and they can even use the fragments as weapons against opponents. The Dynamic Breakables mod brings the realistic physics to a much wider range of objects.

This Blade and Sorcery mod claims that all items are breakable after the installation, except for a few notable exceptions. Because of the game’s code, the mesh of item needs to be readable, which means that this won’t work on bows or potions. Dynamic Breakables is a simple but effective mod that adds to the realism of the game.

Modular Firearms Framework

Screenshot of the Modular Firearms Framework mod for Blade and Sorcery
This mod features a complex framework for modular firearms.

Modular Firearms Framework is a Blade and Sorcery mod that focuses on gun mechanics by adding a new framework for weapons. This mod offers support for U11 version of the game and adds a complete firearms system, including manual reloading for various weapon types such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and rifles. 

Beyond enhancing firearm usage, the Modular Firearms Framework also includes support for Dungeon mode. Players can also find additional secondary fire attachments and explosives and the mod integrates new NPC waves.

It is worth noting that this is just the framework that allows the new weapons to function. One should also install the weapon packs, which add dozens of pistols, SMGs, and other guns to the game.

These are just seven of some of the best mods available for Blade and Sorcery. The community is constantly making more incredible works, and the developer has vowed to support this effort. Expect to see more expansions of the virtual world of qBlade and Sorcery in the future.

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