The Future Is Looking TOTALLY Retro, Dude!

The Future Is Looking TOTALLY Retro, Dude!

This has been a wild and wonderful year, full of surprises. Who could have predicted in January what Sony and Microsoft would be doing with their mid-generation console upgrades? Who would have thought that the NX would turn out to be a portable home console? Can you believe that The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV are both finished and ready to play? Can you believe that one of the most highly anticipated games at the moment is a 16-bit Sonic title and that people are yearning to pre-order an NES? What a time to be alive.

It’s that last point that I find most peculiar. In this age of 4K gaming and VR, retro gaming seems to be making an enormous comeback. Now more than ever, gamers are keen to celebrate the classics, and everyone is noticing. If you grew up on pixels and chip-tunes, you have so much to look forward to very soon.

Sonic Mania Looks Better Than Ever

This would be the 16-bit Sonic title I was referring to. Sonic Mania is a dream come true for old school Sega fans, and there’s some new gameplay footage to prove it. Sega has given multiple outlets a litttle more hands-on time with the game in order to show off a new stage called “Mirage Saloon.”

Holy wow, this is the best Sonic game we never got to play on the Genesis. Everything that was perfect in Sonic 2 and 3 has been preserved. We’re seeing a lot of the same enemies and hearing a lot of the same sound effects, but there are so many new obstacles and props to play with. The game running at 60 FPS doesn’t hurt, either.

Owlboy Is Finally Finished

Speaking of games that took ten years to complete, Owlboy is finally finished and coming to PC on November 1. Owlboy is an imaginative and beautiful platformer that features some of the best pixel art we’ve seen in a game since SNK ruled the arcades. Developer D-Pad Studio is proving that 16-bit platformers will never not be fun. Reviewers have been showering this game with high praise – check it out if you need something to tide you over until Sonic Mania comes out. Just check out this music…

Gamestop Is Going All-in on Retro Sales and Trade-ins

Gamestop has very suddenly placed a huge emphasis on retro games and consoles. You’ve always been able to take in your older games to Gamestop, but it’s never been seen as the place to go when you’re hunting down an NES or an old PS1 game. In a stroke of brilliance, the leadership at Gamestop (correctly) decided that retro gaming could be a big draw for lapsed customers. Now, instead of going on eBay and paying $60 for a copy of Goldeneye 64 , you can head down to your local Gamestop and find it for $30. Of course, you can order online as well.

The Future Is Looking TOTALLY Retro, Dude!

NES Classic Edition Launches November 11

Who would have thought that a tiny NES could cause such big celebration? When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, social media sites exploded with excitement and support. I’m sure Nintendo suspected that core fans would get a kick out of it, but I don’t think anyone knew just how thrilled we’d be. The only negativity that I’ve heard has been due to the lack of pre-order availability. With Sony about to launch a 4K capable home console, it is a little amusing to think that the most popular holiday gift for gamers could be a sleek little NES emulator.

Where you at, retro game lovers? What are you looking forward to most in the next few months? What other great retro games have you been playing for the first time or getting back into lately? Let us know in the comments.

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