The Greatest Lovers in Gaming History

The Greatest Lovers in Gaming History

We’re talking about love today my friends. That most tender of emotions that can somehow render us the most vulnerable we’ve ever been, but also build us up to the strongest version of ourselves we’ve ever been. Love is unquantifiable, it’s ethereal, and it’s all the things that are good in this world contained within mortal shells. And if there’s any medium that has done its best to represent love, it’s video games. I could go on and blather about visual novels or romance simulators, but instead I’d like to take a look at the most enviable couples in video game history.

Mario and Princess Peach

It doesn’t really get much more classic than Mario and his Princess. She’s consistently being swept away, while her love has to seek her out and rescue her. Mario might be a humble plumber, but he’s also a man propelled by love. Mess with his woman, and you’ll learn to regret it.

Link and Princess Zelda

While he might not be a plumber, Link is very much the same as Mario. The love of his life (who also happens to be a princess) is often captured, leaving him in the dust to search after her. True love always wins though, and no matter how many times he has to chase after her, Link is still endlessly in love with Princess Zelda.

Cloud and Aerith

If ever there were a modern video game realization of the tragic Romeo and Juliet-type love, it would be that of Aerith and her Cloud. Cloud and Aerith’s love has become one for the generations. If only it was given the chance to fully blossom before Aerith met her fateful end… But then, love never dies.

Master Chief and Cortana

Surely everyone has felt the pangs of a one-sided love in their lifetime. The one person who didn’t even know you existed, but you still loved them anyway. The relationship between Master Chief and Cortana was a perfect example of this. I think it’s safe to say we all cheered when Cortana finally got to speak her mind in Halo 4 , and Master Chief (in his own way) returned the sentiment. Just goes to show you that if you’re honest, sometimes you’ll find your feelings aren’t so one-sided.

The Greatest Lovers in Gaming History

Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

It can be really hard for couples to both live out their dreams to the fullest. Often times one has to give up something major for the other to succeed or vice versa. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher give hope to those dreamers and adventurers who share a passion for living, but also want to enjoy it with someone of a similar mindset. If they can both live out their fantastic lives of traveling the world and seeking the next big thrill, then others can too. Chase after your dreams, and let your significant other do the same. If you love each other to the same level as Nathan and Elena, you’ll achieve your aspirations apart and together.

Garrus Vakarian/Liara T’Soni and Commander Shepard

When it comes to video game romances, none stick out more for me personally that that of Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian or Liara T’Soni. I’d argue that most FemSheps went with Garrus, and most male Shepards went with Liara. Personally I played as FemShep and dabbled a little in both. The two characters couldn’t be any different, but they showcase two different kinds of love. For Garrus and Shepard, they aren’t even sure if they can consummate their love, but even still they persevere. The two have each others backs always, and love each other unconditionally. For Liara and Shepard, they have a bit of a different dynamic, but the unconditional love still remains. Both of these pairings make for love stories to remember.

These are just a few of the most romantic and memorable couples in video games. There are certainly plenty more out there, and will almost certainly be more to come. Who makes up your favorite video game couple? Let me know in the comments!

Image Credit: KejaBlank

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