The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


Big Plays

Successfully complete the indicated task against another player in WiFi mode to unlock the corresponding Big Play. Note: You will get a letter that allows you to get a Golden part for your ship at Cannon Island for every four Big Plays.

    Battle Master: Successfully complete the “Limit” and “Master” Big Plays in the same match.

    Break: Break 10 or more of your opponent’s helpful items.

    Get Everything: Win by turning all the Force Gems your color.

    Guardian: Win without letting your opponent score any points.

    Guardian King: Take Link down three times with the Phantoms.

    Limit: Defeat Link within the last 20 seconds two times.

    Master: Successfully complete the “No Miss” and “Guardian” Big Plays in the same match.

    Miracle: Win by a final score of 1-0.

    No Dribble: Win without dropping any Force Gems outside a base or safe zone.

    No Items: Win without taking a single item.

    No Miss: Win without being taken down with Link.

    Perfect: Successfully complete the “Get Everything” and “Guardian” Big Plays in the same match.

    Perfect Master: Successfully complete the “Perfect” and “Limit” Big Plays in the same match.

    Quick: Win a match by defeating Link in the first 20 seconds of two turns.

    Solo: Defeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom.

    Take: Pick up at least ten helpful items.

Fake Link rewards and Windwaker spoof

In the northwestern area, sail to the traveling ship, and climb aboard. Talk to the “Doppleganger”, and he will tell you that his boat’s name is “The Prince of Red Lions”. His uniform also resembles Link’s, but with a few tweaks. He will then take you as an apprentice and challenge you to a fight. Fight him, then leave, and re-enter the ship. Fight him again, but inflict more hits than last time. Exit, and re-enter again. Fight him, and get as many hits as possible. Under 100 hits will earn you a spoil (for example, Pearl Necklace, Princess Crown, etc.). Get more than 100 hits to get a Heart Container. Try to get 150 hits or more.

Easy Rupees

When traveling the ocean, you may encounter a jellyfish-like creature that hovers high above your ship. When this happens, shoot it. Each hit is worth one Rupee. After approximately ten to fifteen hits, it will multiply, giving you double the Rupees if you aim correctly. Once it multiplies, the copies will begin to descend into the sea. Keep them afloat by shooting and hitting them.

Once it is open, take all of the ship parts and treasures you have doubles of to the Collector on Mercay Island. This is an easy way to get Rupees. However, do not take your Pink Coral there. There is a travelers ship filled with men with telescopes. A person there will buy the Coral for a lot more than the Collector.

Salvage locations

While sailing on your ship, you will encounter enemy pirate ships. If you destroy all the ships in the group, the last ship destroyed will leave a red “X” on your map. This is where you can salvage for treasure.

Getting high score in Cannon mini-game

When you enter the mini-game, the high score is 2,500 points. It is not possible to get 2,500 points if you only hit blue or red targets. You must hit the red targets five times each to make 100. The only difficult part is that you will have less time to hit the blue target. If you miss one blue target, you should end up with 2,360 points. It does not matter though, because he still gives you a prize. The prize can be Green Rupee (1), Blue Rupee (5), Red Rupee (20), Big Green Rupee (100), Big Red Rupee (200), Ship Parts, Power Gem, Wisdom Gem, or a Courage Gem. A prize of your choice is awarded if you get 2,500 points.

Getting the hidden treasure chest in Mercay Islands

Travel to Mercay Islands. If you go southeast on the east side of the island, you will see a treasure chest. You cannot reach it by jumping. Find a chicken. There are two of them on the island. Go back to where you see the treasure chest. Back up slightly, then run up and jump. You should be able to reach the treasure chest and get the crown that was passed down by the Zoras from generation to generation.

Easy Hourglass Castle Challenge 1

On the second basement floor, you are required to get a key (like on the previous floor to continue). Instead of doing the entire puzzle on that floor, make the key appear by hitting the two globes, and make the fire disappear by pulling the lever. Go to the red blocks that are blocking your way. You should be able to see the key behind the wall. Stand above the third red block from the left. Face northwest, and pull out your boomerang. You should be able to get the key by starting an oval and going counterclockwise from Link all the way to the key and back to Link. Note: This may require several attempts. The boomerang should travel from Link’s hand, above his head, through the wall above the spikes, over the spikes, get the key, then go through the wall where Link is standing, and bring the key to him.

Ransacking Beble’s ship

Beble’s ship can only be accessed once a day; if you buy everything he has, he can only sell you potions. Beble’s ship is a great place to get cheap treasure and rare ship parts (depending on the day). Go to his ship, and buy everything he has. Save the game, then turn off the DS. Turn it back on, and change the system date. Turn off the DS, then resume the game. You should start at your save point. Go to Beble’s ship, which should be closed. He should now have more or new stock.

Extra treasure on Ghost ship

When you enter the ghost ship for the first time in the northwestern sea (after you have collected all three spirits: Power, Wisdom, and Courage), go down the stairs. Defeat the enemies, and the blue flame will extinguish. Talk to the girl in red. She will ask you to find her three sisters (one on each floor). When you find the girl in yellow (the second sister you will find), she will say that there are two treasure chests. Insist to take the one on the left. She will ask if you know which one is left. If you select “Not really”, she will say “You silly boy, left is the one that isn’t right.” If you take the one on the left, you will get ten Rupoor, another Reapling will appear, and the girl will laugh and say “TEE-HEE! how unlucky for you.”

Defeating Bellum

After the first battle and intermission sequence is over, you will have to fight Bellum on the seas. Use the stylus to aim, and fire your cannon. To defeat Bellum, shoot the eyeball puddles on the ship. Since you cannot dodge most of his fire, shoot his blasts before they reach you. Watch out for torpedo-like fire that travels underwater. In this case, you can either jump over it or shoot it. Continue to shoot the eyes out until three eyes extend from the deck of his ship. Shoot these eyes to complete this battle.

After you complete the ship and intermission sequence, save the game when prompted. At the start of the battle, use the Phantom Sphere and run towards his back. Once the time expires and after the intermission sequence, Bellum’s back will be shown on the top screen. Dodge his attacks, and quickly run in. Strike him, but he will block them. After a few hits, he may jump to the side. If this happens, just continue to strike him. After a few more hits, you will be prompted to rapidly rub the touch screen. Rub the screen until his guard breaks, then hit him so that he falls to his knees. Catch the Phantom Sphere Celia makes for you, then dodge his attacks. Note: You can bring him to his knees as many times as desired. This helps you stock up on Phantom Spheres so you will not have to collect one after every use. Watch the top screen, and wait for the eye to open, then activate the Phantom Sphere. Note: You can still move Link when the frame appears onscreen. Freeze time, then strike his back. Repeat this process until he is defeated.

Use the following trick to defeat the Bellum Knight (third form). Make sure you have yellow potions. When you stop time and go to his back, his eye will be covered. At this point, Ciela (The Courage Spirit) will get taken away from you. Stand in a corner, and start attacking him rapidly. When he jumps to your side, dodge his attack. Attack him once more to get caught in a clash. Overpower him, and attack him again. Wait until his eye is open, and stop time. Start striking him in the eye multiple times. After doing this three to five times, he will die.

When you fight Bellum at the end of the game, make sure you have Purple Potions. In his first form, he will first sit in the middle of the pool, spitting drops of sludge that turn into enemies if you do not get hit by them. Equip the Grapple Hook. Grab the purple puddles on Bellum’s body while dodging and destroying the enemies he spits out. Then, use the Grapple Hook to pull Bellum towards you, then slash him. Repeat this process of grabbing him and striking him until he flies to the second floor. Then, run up the stairs to the next floor. Equip the bow and arrows, and aim for the eyes on his tentacles. Note: The ones with their eye open will attack if you are close. Once they are all shut, he will fall to the pool again. Once again, equip the Grapple Hook. Grab the puddles on him, then grab him. Hit him as much as possible until he gets up. He will then go to the third floor of the structure. Follow him up, then take aim. He will use more devastating attacks this time. Watch for his tentacles to all raise up. When this happens, stand behind a pillar to avoid taking damage. His tentacles will be harder to take out because the eyes on them occasionally close, and your arrows will not hurt them. Continue dodging and shooting his tentacles until they are all out again. Watch the intermission sequence, then go to the first floor. Once there, the steps will break away, and Bellum will begin to attack. Celia will then make a Phantom Sphere for you. To use it, tap the circle in the bottom center of the screen, then draw a figure “8” within the frame that appears. If done correctly, time should stop for a while. Time it to where Bellum is rampaging in a circle with his eye open. Then, slash at his exposed eye. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Defeating Blaaz

Look on the map, and you will see the three people Blaaz turns into. Each one will have a certain number of horns with the boomerang. Hit them in order from least to greatest, and they will become Blaaz. Hit him with the boomerang, then hit him with your sword, and repeat.

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