The New Batsuit Revealed…And Why It’s Awesome!

The New Batsuit Revealed…And Why It’s Awesome!

It’s true: every girl really is crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.

This is one of those time periods that people look back on and think, “I so remember where I was that day.” OK, maybe it’s not that epic for some who don’t share the same level of enthusiasm for a man dressed like a giant bat, but finally getting to see the new Batsuit is big freakin’ deal to folks like us. One of these memorable moments happened to me a few nights back, as a got my first glimpse of Ben Affleck in full Batman regalia. While some have voiced their concerns that the A-List actor didn’t have the right chops to do justice to such an iconic (and dark) figure, these latest images would certainly disagree.

Standing next to a sweet looking new Batmobile (that looks to finally give us a more stylized version than that of the military-grade machine we saw in Christopher Nola’s films), Ben Affleck is delivering the goods as the Dark Knight that Snyder hoped he would be. It literally took but one look at the new direction the upcoming Batman/Superman cross-over will take to realize this is going to be a comic book fans wet dream! While not dissing the Bale/Nolan vision, I’ve always felt grounding it in reality as much as they did took away a bit of the franchise’s charm. After all, these were supposed to be comic book movies, not a documentary. While the next logical step is to see things in motion (via a trailer), these latest images have completely restored my faith that DC can bring us a Batman movie without all the fun completely sucked out of it (I mean really Nolan…why so serious).

In fact, the design concepts behind the new suit are a strong indication of the director’s/producer’s sensibilities and how they plan to approach the sequel. So let’s take a look at just a few reasons why this new vision of Batman is so unbelievably epic!

Reason #1: Remembering our roots:

I hate to keep ragging on the Bale/Nolan films, as some might get the impression I didn’t like them. While Dark Knight Rises is way too long (and just so-so overall in my opinion) the second film in the Dark Knight Trilogy is awesome (and not just became of Ledger). However, the armored look they gave Bale (while practical and believable) doesn’t capture the spirit of works like The Animated Series or Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns . Even the New 52 has gone this route as of late. Batman has traditionally never been a beefed-up tank. The latest iteration (which seems to take us back to a hard nylon style) just feels more like a familiar Batsuit to me. Also, the stubbed ears are a first for a live action film.

Reason #2: Affleck BECOMES Batman:

To me, it was always silly to jump on this Affleck-hate bandwagon so soon. Many treated Michael Keaton the same way when it was announced he would take up the mantel of Tim Burton’s Batman (after coming off another Burton project Beetlejuice ). Even those who dismissed Ben at such an early stage (without seeing a single piece of film by the way) have to admit that he looks as convincing in that picture as any we’ve ever seen to date! Ben = Bat.

The New Batsuit Revealed…And Why It’s Awesome!

Reason #3: If you don’t like this one there will probably be another:

OK, let’s say you’re in the minority of those who don’t particularly care for this new design. That’s cool. I’m not judging, as you’re entitled to like what you like. The thing is, you shouldn’t worry about not enjoying it. Did you forget who Batman is facing off against here? Superman is no ordinary street thug, and Bruce knows it. As a result, we are likely to see at least one additional Batsuit (possibly more) as he prepares to do battle with his future super-powered partner. I’m thinking a Batman Beyond like tech-suit is in store for the big confrontation (that will provide extra speed and strength during the fight). Possibly a Kryptonite gun?

So whether you really dig the big reveal or still harbor reservations, consider one thing: an honest-to-goodness Batman vs. Superman film is really happening! It’s not just a rumor anymore! Batsuit designs and casting choices be damned, that fact alone should be enough to get any fan hyped beyond belief. The problem is I don’t have an outlet for all this excitement for another two years!

Maybe I’ll build that life-sized replica of the Batcave from LEGO blocks I’ve always had planned…

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