Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Big head crowd

Enter ” TENGALLONHAT ” as a password.

EA Black Series clubs

Successfully complete the game with a 100% to unlock the EA Black Series Clubs.

Easy stat points

Use the following trick to raise stats quickly and easily. Every time you complete a mid-week challenge that gives you the type of stat points desired (for example, Concentration, Power), do not return to the calendar after completing the challenge. Instead, choose “Restart Event” from the menu, and replay the event you just completed. The stat points that you earn from completing the challenge will accumulate. For example, 500 Power points and 200 Concentration points multiplied by how many times you complete that specific challenge. When you are done repeating this process, just choose “Return to Calendar.” The calendar will show that you completed the challenge and from there you can go to the Pro Shop and use all the stat points you earned. This works with all challenges (Putting Frenzy, Shooting Gallery, etc.).

Bigfoot in Sahalee

At the 17th green at Sahalee, you can see Bigfoot hiding behind a tree.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Create a male golfer (5 points): Create a Male Gameface character.
    Create a female golfer (5 points): Create a Female Gameface character.
    Win a game of Seven (10 points): Win a game of Seven.
    Win a game of 21 (10 points): Win a game of 21.
    Win a game of T-I-G-E-R (10 points): Win a game of T-I-G-E-R.
    Play a Tiger Challenge Event (15 points): Play a Tiger Challenge Event.
    Play a Training Challenge (15 points): Play a Training Challenge.
    Win a game of One Ball (10 points): Win a game of One Ball.
    Win a game of Greensome (10 points): Win a game of Greensome.
    Win a game of Bloodsome (10 points): Win a game of Bloodsome.
    Getting the Hang of it (15 points): Win 5 online matches.
    High Roller (15 points): Make 25 online wagers.
    Play a PGA Tour Season Event (20 points): Play a PGA Tour Season Event.
    Too Easy? (20 points): Beat Par in an 18 hole round on Tour difficulty.
    Play in 5 online Tournaments (20 points): Play in 5 online Tournaments.
    Beat Mike Weir (30 points): Defeat Mike Weir in the Tiger Challenge.
    Beat Luke Donald (30 points): Defeat Luke Donald in the Tiger Challenge.
    Beat Colin Montgomerie (30 points): Defeat Colin Montgomerie in the Tiger Challenge.
    Beat Chris DiMarco (30 points): Defeat Chris DiMarco in the Tiger Challenge.
    Win the Southern Major (75 points): Win the Southern Major.
    Win the US Major (75 points): Win the US Major Championship.
    Win the UK Major (75 points): Win the UK Major Championship.
    Win the PGA TOURĀ® Major (75 points): Win the PGA Tour Major Championship.
    Collect the whole set! (75 points): Win every Trophy Ball.
    Race for the cup (80 points): Win the Fed Ex Cup.
    Beat Tiger (85 points): Defeat Tiger Woods in the Tiger Challenge.
    Finish Everything (150 points): Attain 100% Game Completion.
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