Toy Soldiers: Cold War Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Toy Soldiers: Cold War


Elite and General modes

Successfully complete a level to unlock the Elite and General difficulties for that level. In Elite mode, turrets do not fire automatically. In General mode, you cannot control turrets directly.

Bonus Barrages

Successfully complete the indicated level in Campaign mode to unlock the corresponding Barrage:

    Bombing Run: Level 3
    Close Air Support: Level 6
    Nuclear Strike: Level 8

Golden Slots locations

Search the indicated locations to find the Golden Slots:

    Basic Training: Look at the rocky mountain behind the truck stop. Use your helicopter or the AT turret’s shell-cam to hit the Golden Slot.

    Jungle Heat: Use an AT turret to destroy the trees across the rice paddy on the left side of the field and the wooden tower. Just behind the tower, nestled between the two shacks is the Golden Slot. Use the AT shell-cam to hit it.

    Beached: Fly the helicopter to the beach that is left of your Toybox. The Golden Slot is in the middle of the beach.

    Panic At The Wall: Build an AT turret, and use the shell-cam to hit the Golden Slot. Look at the historic building to the left, with the tall glass windows and unique sloping design. Fire the AT turret’s shell-cam just beyond the building to a walking path behind the building.

    Mind The Gap: Drive the IFV across the left bridge, shooting the debris blocking your path as you drive. Continue up the hill to the left of the church. Look between the gray house and white house. Behind these two houses, on the hill, is the Golden Slot; look underneath the huge pair of shades.

    Surrounded: Fly the helicopter towards the Eiffel Tower. Look between the tower and the back drop wall to find the Golden Slot on a raised platform.

    Trouble At The Canal: Fly the jet fighter very high into the sky, looking to the left of your Toybox and the entire field. Search for a drawer with a small aircraft carrier sitting on top. Fly towards it, in the center of the miniature aircraft carrier, to find the Golden Slot.

    Deadly Dunes: Fly the helicopter past the pyramids and towards the lawn mower in the background. You will see the Golden Slot on the lawn mower engine.

    Rainy City: Drive the heavy tank over the second left bridge — not the closest bridge to your Toybox. Drive up the ramp leading to the helipad, taking another left and driving past the Soviet barracks behind the warehouses. To the right, look between the two warehouses in the corner to see the Golden Slot.

    Monumental Defense: Use an At turret’s shell-cam, and shoot into the huge soda can. The Golden Slot is hidden behind the black opening.

    Capitol Crisis: Fly the helicopter above the capitol. Follow the left side of the huge diorama backdrop. It may take some careful positioning, but you will find the Golden Slot behind the reef on the backdrop of the capitol’s roof (not the actual, destructible capitol building below).

Bonus Gamerpics

Buy the full game to unlock the Commando Gamerpic. Successfully complete the game to unlock the Russian Commando Gamerpic.

Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    Flight Jacket: Successfully complete the first section of Basic Training.
    Mullet: Survive until Wave 9 in Basic Training.
    T-shirt: Play a survival match to Round 5.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Shocking Results (5 points): Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.
    Sunk! (5 points): Protect the fleet in Trouble at the Canal.
    A Few Loose Screws (15 points): Bring the Cold War to an end in Capitol Crisis.
    With Distinction (10 points): Earn 11 Decorations.
    Highly Decorated (20 points): Earn 22 Decorations.
    Like It Never Happened (5 points): Use Wavelist Rewind.
    A Job Well Done (5 points): Earn a Platinum medal.
    Effective Tactician (10 points): Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.
    Demolition Man (5 points): Call in Commando.
    Concentrated Fire (15 points): Destroy an IFV before it unloads any units.
    I Can’t Get A Tone! (10 points): Use a Fighter’s machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter.
    Brute Force (10 points): Destroy a turret with a Heavy Tank.
    Resolute (15 points): Survive more than 9 rounds in any Survival game.
    Synergy (5 points): Play any Survival game in Co-op mode.
    In Sync (10 points): Earn 10 Assists in any Co-op game.
    Clutch Repairs (10 points): Earn 5 Rescued! bonuses over any number of games.
    Aggressive Investment Strategy (10 points): Launch 4 Offensive Waves in any Versus game.
    King of the Hill (15 points): Hold the contested build site at the end of a Versus game.
    Persistence (5 points): Play any Mini-game 3 times consecutively.
    Perseverance (15 points): Complete Challenge Level 2 in every Mini-game.

The following achievements require the “Evil Empire” bonus downloadable content:

    The Might Of The Red Army (10 points): Destroy the Super Tank.
    Counting Stacks (20 points): Find 15 Golden Babushka Dolls.
    Broviet Russia (20 points): Play Co-op and earn a Platinum medal on any level in Elite mode.

The following achievements require the “Napalm” bonus downloadable content:

    The End Of An Odyssey (10 points): Destroy the Homer.
    In Memoriam (20 points): Find 15 Golden Dog Tags.
    Heated Rivalry (20 points): Call in a Napalm Strike in any Versus game.
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