Tropico 4 PC Demo Released Today

Tropico 4 PC Demo Released Today


An economy is a fragile thing. The United States’ stock market plummeted by more than 634 points yesterday, there’s an ongoing financial crisis in Europe, and gasoline prices are climbing while the employment rates are falling. Economies are extremely volatile difficult to control. But would you like to try anyway?

Today, Kalypso Media is inviting players to test their economic prowess by downloading their newly released Tropico 4 PC demo.

“In Tropico 4, players will assume the role of the newly elected El Presidente who must build his island’s economy from a financial backwater to a world class economic superpower” a spokesperson said. “New features include interactive disasters, additional nations (including Europe, the Middle East and China) to negotiate with and much more.”

In the demo, players will choose from four tutorial missions and one campaign mission, which will “set players on a quest to become the ultimate leader of a Caribbean island empire.”

So go download the Tropico 4 demo. The world could use a few people who know a thing or two about maintaining a stable economy. And if the U.S. ever decides to oust democracy, we’re going to need a few highly-trained dictators to choose from.

By Josh Engen

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