Unreal Engine 4 Update Adds Templates, Blueprints and More

Unreal Engine 4 Update Adds Templates, Blueprints and More

Epic Games’ latest graphical engine, the Unreal Engine 4, has received a large update pertaining to new vehicles templates, camera animation, new blueprints and more.

Epic Games go into great detail about what all the new additions to the engine do and how they work, so much so that there’s too much to put in a simple news article. So, here’s a small summarization of what has been added.

With the engine’s 4.2 update, vehicles are now fully supported, and the studio is giving away a free demo via the Marketplace that demonstrates an off-road racing experience. Furthermore, the update brings in a new vehicle template, which gives you a simple car model for you to mess around with for your vehicle-based project–and both Blueprint and CC++ versions of the template will be included with the update.

As for more additions to Blueprints, user-defined structures have become a brand new asset that’s now available for use within the engine’s editor via the Content Browser. Once you’ve done editing your structure, you can create a new variable type for the it in your Blueprints.

What’s more, you can now create a Function Library asset for a blueprint function, which will allow you to archive the your different Blueprint functions to be used in your project. Unlike Blueprint Macro Library, assets for Blueprint Function Library don’t require a Parent Class, and can be called upon by all Blueprints in your project.

For all the other Blueprints that’ve been added to the engine, some of those included is a new animation asset override editor, the ability to copy and past a component from one Blueprint to another, and an experimental math expression node for Blueprints.

The update preview can be found via the source link below. The Unreal Engine 4 was available for licensing to developers who wished to use the engine back in late-April.

CCP Games has confirmed that its upcoming virtual reality dogfighter EVE: Valkyrie has been moved to work on Unreal Engine 4 , which has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to better operate with the new graphical engine, so much so that nothing of the original game–save place-holder assets and the game’s general concept–is now left in EVE: Valkyrie .

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