Until Dawn Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Until Dawn Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Until Dawn

Alternate endings

There are six different endings, depending on choices made during your progress. Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding ending:

Worst ending

    Allow all eight friends to die (Mike, Sam, Josh, Jessica, Emily, Chris, Matt, and Ashley). Do not attempt to save anyone who needs help. Simply fail all QTEs possible to easily get the bad ending. Two of the characters will always survive until the final set of cutscenes in Episode 10 (Sam and Mike). For them to die, you simply must fail their QTEs. During the credits, you can see how all the characters died. You will also get the “This Is The End” trophy with this ending.

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Best Ending

Ensure all eight friends survive to view the best ending, which inclues a secret scene at the very end. You will also get “The Quicker Man”, “They All Live”, “Four Daughters Of Darkness”, and “Don’t Scare Jessica To Death” trophies with the best ending. Complete the following tasks to ensure all eight characters are alive at the end of the story:

    Josh: Find “The Twins” clues so that he will recognize his sister’s tattoo. Do not worry when he dies during the saw blade scene in Episode 4, as this does not matter.

    Jessica: After she gets dragged out of the cabin, Mike must catch up to her as quickly as possible. Always use the riskiest paths and slide down the hill at the end. You will not hear from Jessica until Episode 9 in the mines. Always hide with her when given the choice; do not try to run away from your attackers.

    Matt: To save Matt, you should not attack the deer and avoid helping Emily when she’s hanging off the tower (jump away from her instead). Later in the mines, you should always hide together with Jessica when given the choice. Do not run away from your attackers.

    Emily: Do not make a mistake during her QTEs, and do not shoot her in the Episode 8 safe room.

    Ashley: When you must choose between her and Josh (saw blades), choose to sacrifice Josh. Later in Episode 9, do not investigate the noise in the mines with her. Stay with the rest of the group.

    Chris: When he gets the gun and is told to either kill himself or shoot Ashley with it, you must choose to shoot yourself (the gun only fires blanks — so you will be safe). Do not even aim at Ashley. Then, Ashley will open the door for him when he gets chased by the Wendigo in Episode 8. Do not make a mistake during his QTEs during Chapter 8.

    Sam: She cannot die until the final set of cutscenes. Just complete all her QTEs at the end of Episode 10 without making a mistake.

    Mike: He cannot die until the final set of cutscenes. Just complete all his QTEs at the end of Episode 10 without making a mistake. When Sam has to choice to either hit the light switch or help Mike (end of Episode 10), you must choose to help Mike.

Note: Hannah and Beth will always die at the start of the game. So will the flamethrower guy in Episode 8. There is no way to save these characters, and they have no impact on the ending or trophies. Furthermore, it does not matter whether you save the wolf with Mike or not.

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Butterfly effects

Make the indicated decision to start the corresponding butterfly effect:

Chapter 1: Any Of Your Business

    Close Bag: During the conversation with Chris having Jessica’s letter, Chris is happy to see Sam.
    Snoop: During the conversation with Chris having Jessica’s letter, Chris is offended by Sam.

Chapter 1: Rats With Bushy Tails

    Shoot Squirrel: Unknown consequence.
    Don’t Shoot the Squirrel: Nature remains in balance. The animals will allow Sam to escape the Clownface Man in Chapter 5.

Chapter 1: The Soul of Discretion

    Mislead: Unknown consequence.
    Encourage: Matt sees Emily and Mike flirting with one another. Matt will speak about the flirting with Emily in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Whose Side Are You On

    Provoke: Unknown consequence.
    Defuse: Matt will side with Jessica during her fight with Emily.

Chapter 2: Be Her Hero

    Cautious: Jessica does not appreciate Mike’s reluctance to help.
    Heroic: Jessica commends Mike’s bravery in helping. Jessica will help you move the metal cart. However, regardless of your choice, she will allow you to flirt with her.

Chapter 2: Something For Later

    Serious: Unknown consequence.
    Humorous: Sam finds a baseball bat and leaves it in the basement. While being chased by the Clownface Man during Chapter 5, use the “Hide” then the “Run” option to have Sam use the baseball bat and escape.

Chapter 4: To The Rescue

    Risk Shortcut: Use the short route (risky).
    Follow Path: Go around the waterfall.
    Go Around: Go down the rocks.
    Jump Down: Slide down the rocks (risky).
    Jump: Hop across the chasm.
    Shimmy: Shimmy on the mountain ledge.
    Follow Path: Use the staircase.
    Risk Slide Down: Slide down from the mountain side (risky).
    Note: To have Jessica live, select one of the risky choices.

Chapter 4: …And Which One Will Die

    Save Josh: Chris chooses to save Josh, but does not.
    Save Ashley: Chris chooses to save Ashley.

Chapter 5: At What Price

    Open Bear Trap: Mike does not use the machete. Mike’s fingers and machete will be available for use in later chapters.
    Amputate Fingers: Mike uses his machete to amputate his fingers. You will also get the “Scream Too!” trophy.

Chapter 5: Man’s Best Friend

    Mike will encounter an angry wolf near the Chapel.
    Do not to kick the wolf: Become friends with the wolf, and he will prove valuable in later chapters.
    Kick the wolf: Unknown consequence.

Chapter 5: On The Same Page

    Agree: Matt goes to the tower to get help as Emily suggested.
    Disagree: Unknown consequence.

Chapter 5: Run Or Hide

    To avoid the Clownface Man, use all the “Hide” options and do not make any noise.
    If any noise is made, Sam will get caught and the Clownface Man will use sleeping gas on her.

In Self Defense

    If Matt does not kill any of the deer, they will let Emily and him pass without any problem.
    If he kills deer, Matt will have to take a detour with some quick time events.

Who Gets The Gun

    Emily keeps the flare gun for herself.
    Emily allows Matt to have the flare gun.

Save Yourself

    After cables on the radio tower are cut, Matt helps Emily.
    After cables on the radio tower are cut, Matt jumps to safety.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

    Choice depends on whether Matt acquired the flare gun after Emily finds the Totem with a death warning.

Stick Together

    While looking for Josh, if any noise is made while the Wendigo is out, Victor will die.
    While looking for Josh, if any quick time events are failed, Victor will die.

Point Blank

    While in the mines, Emily gets bitten by a Wendigo. Mike can shoot her to end her misery.
    While in the mines, Emily gets bitten by a Wendigo. Mike can refuse to shoot her.

Once Bitten

    If Mike decided not to shoot Emily, she will later rip Ashley apart for encouraging Mike to shoot Emily.

Left Behind

    Determines if Jessica or Mike will roam the mines alone; depends on who survived.

Important Discovery

    If Sam did not find the recording that reveals that Hannah was transformed into a Wendigo, Josh will die while he is with Mike.

The Result Of Chaos

    Outcome depends upon who you decided to save and other decisions.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A Symphony of Horror Trophies (Platinum): You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn.

Additionally, there are 18 secret trophies:

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    Fatal Grudge (Bronze): Chris chose to shoot Ashley.
    The Exorcism of Emily (Bronze): Mike shot Emily.
    Ashley Snaps (Silver): Ashley snapped and let Chris die.
    You Let The Wrong One In! (Bronze): Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in.
    Let eM In (Bronze): Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement.
    Instant Inferno (Silver): Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze.
    The Tale of The Two Sisters (Gold): The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline.
    The Fateful Descent (Gold): The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline.
    You Opened Their Eyes (Gold): The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline.
    Four Daughters Of Darkness (Gold): All of the girls survived until dawn.
    They All Live (Gold): All eight friends survived until dawn.
    This Is THE End (Gold): Nobody survived until dawn.
    Don’t Scare Jessica To Death (Silver): Jessica survived her night of terror.
    The Skilful Wolf Man (Gold): Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium.
    Scream Too! (Silver): Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap.
    The Psycho Path (Silver): Sam or Ashley attacked the psycho with a weapon.
    The Quicker Man (Gold): All the boys escaped death.
    Night of the Totem Hunter (Gold): The group found all the totems on the mountain.
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