Walmart Lists Release Date for Halo on Xbox One

Walmart Lists Release Date for Halo on Xbox One

As reported by TotalXbox , Halo on Xbox One has cropped up as being available for pre-order on Walmart’s online website for a price of $59.99, stating that the next addition to the Halo series will be releasing on October 1. However, upon revisiting the same page, it’s noticeable that such release information has been removed. According to TotalXbox, a release date of December 2014 was detailed further down the page, but that information has also been removed.

Later on, Microsoft sent a comment to TotalXbox, stating that, ” this listing is not indicative of a Halo product launch. We’ll have more news to share around the Halo franchise at E3. ” Incidentally, 343 Industries will indeed have some news to share about Halo at this year’s E3.

Alien director Ridley Scott has been confirmed to be producing an upcoming Halo -based “digital feature.” In a rumor that cropped up at the end of January, Neill Blomkamp, who directed Elysium , was reported to be the one who will kickstart the upcoming Halo TV series by directing  the pilot episode.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer shared his speculation on the rumored Halo 2 Anniversary (a supposed HD re-release in the vein of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary ), specifically its multiplayer. Master Chief’s voice actor Steve Downes initially “ confirmed ” that you can expect an anniversary edition of Halo 2 this year, during an interview with GameZone. However, Microsoft later tried to redact this statement, and Downes responded that his “confirmation” was not official.

It sounds like I was “confirming” [an] H2A edition, which I most certainly was not. I’m in no position to do that as I have no knowledge of it. I was only mentioning what I had seen [online] about it.

Halo 2 Anniversary initially cropped up on NeoGAF, and is rumored to drop in November . What’s more, Phil Spencer tweeted that you can expect Halo news at this years E3, and that 343 Industries has a “ great plan ” in place for the franchise. Microsoft has also confirmed that it has no plans to release further Halo titles on Steam at this time.

The Halo TV series itself, which is part of Microsoft’s TV line-up for Xbox One, is currently under production, and 343 Industries is overseeing its development with Steven Spielberg as the series’ executive producer. The series is slated to debut in the second quarter of this year.

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