What Does Your PlayStation Say About You?

What Does Your PlayStation Say About You?

Every January, Sony sends each PlayStation 4-owner a little summary of what they played the year before. It’s always a fun little stat sheet that shows which games you played the most, how many hours you spent total in gaming, the genres you played most, and how many Trophies you earned. There are plenty of other little stats that the PlayStation 2019 wrap-up provides as well.

Sony sends it each year for fun. There are no prizes that go with it or anything. It’s just your personal fact sheet for PlayStation 4 games you played the year before. I always enjoy it to see exactly how many hours I’ve wasted played on the PlayStation 4, especially with individual games. Sometimes games don’t include an in-game clock, and it drives my OCD bonkers. Every save file should include hours played in the filename. ( Just saying .) But with this, I can see which games sucked up the most of my time.

My 2019 wrap-up was fascinating to me, especially when I compare it to the wrap-up the year before. Starting January 2019, I stopped writing for a PlayStation-exclusive outlet, where I reviewed quite a bit of games. For example, in 2018 I played 38 PlayStation 4 titles. In 2019, the number dropped to 18. I knew that no longer reviewing PS4 games would lower the number, but I honestly had no idea exactly how much I was reviewing vs. playing for fun.

Another factor that definitely affected that number was the Switch. I’d had a Switch for awhile, but with always doing all-PlayStation-all-the-time, I didn’t play it (or my Xbox One for that matter) very often. As soon as I no longer “had” to play so many PS4 games, my attention diverted nearly entirely to the Switch. Not to mention, my Xbox One got some love for the first time in months thanks to Gears of War 5.

Even though my games played number dropped, interestingly enough, my hours played didn’t really. In 2019, I played 408 hours on my PlayStation 4. I played about 600 hours in 2018. Doesn’t make complete sense, does it? It does when I look at the genres played.

What Does Your PlayStation Say About You?

Last year, my top genre was action game, followed by visual novel. This year, my top genre was RPG. Guess which genre takes the longest to play (and guess which genre I choose to play vs get assigned to play)? In 2018, the most hours I spent on one game was 42 hours. This past year, it was 71 hours, all in Horizon: Zero Dawn . Time spent well, if you ask me.

I’m going to be very curious how the numbers will look for the 2020 wrap-up, especially if I continue to not review games on a regular basis. I also wonder how many more games I’ll play on the Switch instead of main console, just because I love the convenience of playing major console games anywhere I want.

I’ve seen a few articles out there about wrap-up numbers that “exposed” them for their guilty pleasures or games they had no idea just how much they played. For instance, one writer bemoaned that his wrap-up revealed over 600 hours in Fortnite . He had no idea that the battle royale game commanded most of his attention. I have a few friends who are Destiny addicts, and I’d be curious to see what their hours played was for 2019.

If you haven’t checked out your own stats, you should for the fun of seeing what your wrap-up says about you and your gaming habits.

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