Xbox One Launches in China at Month’s End

Xbox One Launches in China at Month’s End

As reported by Engadget on Tuesday, September 23, Microsoft’s recently delayed launch of the Xbox One in China has been given a new release date of next week, inviting a quizzical raise of the eyebrow towards Microsoft’s previously mentioned “ end of this year ” promise.

According to Engadget’s sister website, Engadget Chinese, Microsoft has confirmed that its current-gen console (along with its Kinect) will be shipping to China on Monday, September 29. What’s more is that 10 games–including Forza Motorsport 5 , Dance Central: Spotlight , and Neverwinter –have been approved by Chinese authorities in the first batch of Xbox One games entering the country. Interestingly, Microsoft has also claimed that over 70 titles are already “ in development.

No word has come down as to why the Xbox One’s original release date in China was delayed.

Microsoft has been sending out invites to Xbox fans for a special event on Monday, September 22 at the Oriental Pearl Tower, where fans will be able to try out the Xbox One and several different games.

There will be a chance to win one of 100 Xbox Ones that’ll be given away at the event. Those in China who pre-order an Xbox One will receive priority shipping to get their consoles first when the Xbox One finally launches in the country (along with an unspecified bonus item), as promised by Microsoft China’s general manager of Xbox, Enwei Xie.

We’ll bring you more news on the Xbox One should further information reach our ears.

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