Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour


Password Machine

Win the Expert Cup. The Password Machine can now be accessed in the Duel Shop by tapping the slot machine on the left. The Password Machine allows you to type in the ID number of a card you have and insert it into the game (for 1000 KC). Passwords will only work if you have obtained at least 80% of the pack it comes in (you have the card list) or the card is on your card list (total). You can only get one copy of a card, and no God cards.


Enter one of the following passwords at the Password Machine to active the corresponding fuction:

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Result Password
Credits 00000375
Sound test 57300000

Note: Once you unlock all the booster packs and get them at 80% you will get a letter on your computer saying the code ” 57300000 “. You must have at least 1,000 KCP to use the password machine. Doing so will give you access to the game’s music tracks. The 1,000 points that you paid will be returned to you.

The following passwords can also be entered into the Password Machine at a cost of 1,000 KCP, but only if you already have the corresponding card. Each code can only be used one time:

Card Password
7 Colored Fish 23771716
Baby Dragon 88819587
Big Eye 16768387
Blue Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 53183600
Castle Walls 44209392
Change of Heart 04031928
Dark Fire Soldier #1 05388481
Dark Hole 53129443
De-Spell 19159413
Fake Trap 03027001
Fissure 66788016
Gearfried the Iron Knight 00423705
Giant Trunade 42703248
Harpie’s Brother 30532390
Hysteric Fairy 21297224
Island Turtle 04042268
Judge Man 30113682
Just Desserts 24068492
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 97590747
Lady Panther 38480590
Lord of Destruction 17985575
Magic Jammer 77414722
Magician’s Circle 00050755
Maha Vailo 93013676
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615
Manga Ryu-Ran 38369349
Monster Reborn 83764718
Mountain 50913601
Mystical Space Typhoon 05318639
Ookazi 19523799
Penguin Soldier 93920745
Polymerization 24094653
Red-Eyes Black Dragon 74677422
Reinforcements 17814387
Rush Recklessly 70046172
Sangan 26202165
Scapegoat 73915051
Shield & Sword 52097679
Silent Magician Level 4 73665146
Silent Magician Level 8 72443568
The Flute of Summoning Dragon 43973174
The Reliable Guardian 16430187
The Ring of Magnetism 20436034
Time Wizard 71625222
Toon Mermaid 65458948
Toon Summoned Skull 91842653
Toon World 15259703
Trap Hole 04206964
Ultimate Offering 80604091

All God cards (Japanese version)

Enter 735409784657 as a password to get all God cards.

Slifer the Sky Dragon (Japanese version)

Enter 769696675464 as a password to get Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Wing Koriboh cards

Have the Game Boy Advance game Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy in the cartridge slot to start with three Wing Koriboh cards.

Getting desired cards

While you are in the house, save the game. Go to the store and make sure you have enough money to buy a pack of cards. If the card you want is not in the pack, turn of the DS. Turn the game back on and you will be back at the house. Go back to the store and you will still have all your money. Repeat this until getting the desired card.

Registering as a duelist

After defeating a Duelist eight times, he or she will ask you if they can register you as a Duelist. If you say “Yes”, you can choose whether or not you want to play them the next time you encounter them.

Easy KC and experience

Duel Tea Gardner as many times as possible until she asks to be your friend. Answer “Yes” and you will be able to duel her non stop until evening. To get more KC and experience, try this with other feeble or weak characters, such as Serenity and Mokuba.

Never duel difficult duelists

All the easy duelists are out in the daytime. When it turns to evening, walk to your house and go to the shop. Do this until it turns to night. Go to your house and sleep. It will be morning again and you can duel easier duelists once again.

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Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors

When dueling against an opponent and you do Rock, Paper, Scissors, remember what you did in a previous duel and use the one that can defeat what you used last time.

Deck Destruction Virus and Deck Devastation Virus cards

On the card Deck Destruction Virus, it shows the picture and description of Deck Devastation Virus and vice-versa. However, when they are played they use the effect of the card named at the top of the screen.

Aqua Chorus card mistake

If you look at the name of the Aqua Chorus card carefully, it reads “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” on the card instead of “Aqua Chorus”.

Blue Medicine card mistake

The description of the Blue Medicine card reads that both you and your opponent gain 400 LP; however after the card is played only you gain 400 LP.

Sage’s Stone card mistake

The description of the Sage’s Stone card reads “Sage’s Jewel”, but on the actual card itself it has the correct name.


At the Duel Base, Roland says “Duerist” instead of “Duelist”.

BC Victory pack card list

Note: You will get this pack after winning the Beginner’s Cup Tournament; it has three cards.

    Silent Magician LV4
    The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
    Magician’s Circle

Beautiful Challenger pack card list

    Abyss Soldier
    Airknight Parshath
    Amazon Archer
    Catapult Turtle
    Cyber Harpie
    Dark Sage
    Des Koala
    Enraged Battle Ox
    Exiled Force
    Fire Princess
    Getsu Fuhma
    Harpie Lady 1
    Harpie Lady 2
    Harpie Lady 3
    Jowgen the Spiritualist
    Jowls of Dark Demise
    Magician’s Valkyrie
    Marie the Fallen One
    Slate Warrior
    Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
    The Forgiving Maiden
    The Unhappy Girl
    St. Joan
    Big Bang Shot
    Cost Down
    Dimension Magic
    Dragonic Attack
    Enchanted Arrow
    Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
    Harpies’ Hunting Ground
    Heart of the Underdog
    Mass Driver
    Nitro Unit
    Snatch Steal
    Spiritual Energy Settle Machine
    Triangle Ecstasy Spark
    Bark of Dark Ruler
    Blind Destruction
    Destruction Punch
    Fairy Box
    Gravity Bind
    Life Absorbing Machine
    Magic Drain
    Riryoku Field
    Rope of Life

Broken Seal pack card list

    Celtic Guardian
    Curse of Dragon
    Dark Rabbit
    Gaia The Fierce Knight
    Giant Soldier of Stone
    Headless Knight
    Illusionist Faceless Mage
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    Left Leg of the Forbidden One
    Metal Guardian
    Mokey Mokey
    Molten Behemoth
    Prevent Rat
    Right Arm of the Forbidden One
    Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    Sorcerer of the Doomed
    The Portrait’s Secret
    Three-Headed Geedo
    Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
    Buster Blader
    Crimson Ninja
    Dimensional Warrior
    Exodia the Forbidden One
    Magician of Faith
    Maha Vailo
    White Magical Hat
    Gaia the Dragon Champion
    Acid Rain
    Block Attack
    Book of Secret Arts
    Bright Castle
    Eradicating Aerosol
    Final Flame
    Graceful Dice
    Mesmeric Control
    Paralyzing Potion
    Ring of Magnetism
    Seal of the Ancients
    Soul Release
    Tribute to the Doomed
    Warrior Elimination
    Chain Destruction
    Fairy’s Hand Mirror
    Lightforce Sword
    Magical Thorn
    Skull Dice

Chosen Warrior pack card list

    Big Koala
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Byser Shock
    D.D. Warrior Lady
    Des Kangaroo
    Fiber Jar
    Sasuke Samurai #3
    Dark Paladin
    Master of Dragon Soldier
    Master of Oz
    After the Struggle
    Array of Revealing Light
    Card Shuffle
    Convulsion of Nature
    Dark Hole
    Dark Room of Nightmare
    Diffusion Wave-Motion
    Dimension Fusion
    Enemy Controller
    Inferno Fire Blast
    Level Limit – Area B
    Mage Power
    Marshmallow Glasses
    Overpowering Eye
    Sage’s Stone
    Shield Crash
    Special Hurricane
    Spell Reproduction
    Spiral Spear Strike
    Swords of Concealing Light
    The Secret of the Bandit
    Union Attack
    Adhesion Trap Hole
    Calamity of the Wicked
    Corpse of Yata-Garasu
    Curse of Anubis
    Dark Mirror Force
    Destruction Ring
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    Nightmare Wheel
    Non Aggression Area
    Ordeal of a Traveler
    Spatial Collapse
    Spell Shield Ytpe-8

Cursed Darkness pack card list

    Fiend Kraken
    Giant Red Seasnake
    Mystic Horseman
    The Earl of Demise
    The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
    The Illusory Gentleman
    Command Knight
    Electromagnetic Bagworm
    Jigen Bakudan
    Maiden of the Aqua
    Nimble Momonga
    Obnoxious Celtic Guard
    Panther Warior
    The Legendary Fisherman
    Rabid Horseman
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict
    A Legendary Ocean
    Black Illusion Ritual
    Chorus of Sanctuary
    Ground Collapse
    Silent Fiend
    Armored Glass
    Bad Reaction to Simochi
    Call of the Haunted
    Driving Snow
    Enchanted Javelin
    Forced Requisition
    Gorgon’s Eye
    Magic-Arm Shield
    Major Riot
    Metal Detector
    Minor Goblin Official
    Mystic Probe
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Solemn Judgment
    Solemn Wishes
    Solomon’s Lawbook
    The Eye of Truth
    Tornado Wall
    Widespread Ruin
    World Suppression

Devised Tactics pack card list

    Ojama Black
    Ojama Green
    Ojama Yellow
    Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Begining
    D.D. Assailant
    Stealth Bird
    Ojama King
    Autonomous Action Unit
    Butterfly Dagger – Elma
    Double Attack
    Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
    Gift of the Martyr
    Gravity Axe – Grarl
    Mega Ton Magical Cannon
    Mirage of Nightmare
    Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
    Rod of Silence – Kay’est
    Shifting Shadows
    Shooting Star Bow – Ceal
    Token Thanksgiving
    Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce
    United We Stand
    Wicked-Breaking Flambrerge – Baou
    A Hero Emerges
    Begone, Knave!
    Blasting the Ruins
    Chain Disappearance
    Curse of Darkness
    Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
    Des Counterblow
    Draining Shield
    Elemental Burst
    Energy Drain
    Exhausting Spell
    Fiend’s Hand Mirror
    Forced Ceasefire
    Miracle Restoring
    Ojama Trio
    Pikeru’s Second Sight
    Pitch-Black Power Stone
    Ray of Hope
    Robbin’ Zombie
    Self-Destruct Button
    Soul Resurrection
    Statue of the Wicked
    The Spell Absorbing Life
    Tower of Babel
    Trap Jammer
    Zero Gravity

Dragon’s Nest pack card list

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    X-Head Cannon
    Injection Fairy Lily
    Satellite Cannon
    Spirit Reaper
    Witch of the Black Forest
    Y-Dragon Head
    Z-Metal Tank
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    XY-Dragon Cannon
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon
    XZ-Tank Cannon
    YZ-Tank Cannon
    A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
    Banner of Courage
    Burst Stream of Destruction
    Buster Rancher
    Combination Attack
    Creature Swap
    D.D. Borderline
    Dark Core
    Dark Snake Syndrome
    Dimension Distortion
    Dragon’s Gunfire
    Frontline Base
    Jade Insect Whistle
    Opti-Camouflage Armor
    Raregold Armor
    Royal Tribute
    Spell Absorption
    Stamping Destruction
    Stray Lambs
    Super Rejuvination
    The A. Forces
    The Warrior Returning Alive
    Thunder Crash
    Wave-Motion Cannon
    Yellow Luster Shield
    A Feint Plan
    Burst Stream
    D. Tribe
    Dragon’s Rage
    Final Attack Orders
    Formation Union
    Raigeki Break
    Ready for Intercepting
    Rope of Spirit
    Secret Barrel
    The Dragon’s Bead

EC Victory pack card list:

    Silent Magician LV8
    Level Up!
    Magician’s Cross

Flight To A New World pack card list

    Armored Lizard
    Armored Zombie
    Axe Raider
    Baron of the Fiend Sword
    Beautiful Headhuntress
    Blackland Fire Dragon
    Flame Cerebrus
    Giant Flea
    Harpie Lady
    Koumori Dragon
    Meteor Dragon
    Mystical Elf
    Rogue Doll
    Saggi the Dark Clown
    The Snake Hair
    Toon Alligator
    Armed Ninja
    Castle of Dark Illusions
    Dragon Seeker
    Harpie Lady Sisters
    Harpie’s Pet Dragon
    Jirai Gumo
    Lord od D.
    Mask of Darkness
    Muka Muka
    Mystical Sheep #1
    Princess of Tsurugi
    Rigras Leever
    Versago the Destroyer
    Wall of Illusion
    Ancient Telescope
    Cyber Shield
    Dian Keto the Cure Master
    Elegant Egotist
    Eternal Draught
    Germ Infection
    Goblin’s Secret Remedy
    Restructer Revolution
    Share the Pain
    Stop Defense
    Sword of Deep-Seated
    The Flute of Summoning Dragon
    The Inexperienced Spy
    Kunai with Chain
    Royal Decree
    Snake Fang

The Forever Ones pack card list

    Berserk Gorilla
    Exodia Necross
    Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
    White Magician Pikeru
    Elemental Mistress Doriado
    A Feather of the Phoenix
    Back to Square One
    Ballista of Rampart Smashing
    Brain Control
    Centrifugal Field
    Contract with Exodia
    Doriado’s Blessing
    Fulfillment of the Contract
    Fusion Weapon
    Lighten the Load
    Mailce Dispersion
    Necklace of Command
    Posion Fangs
    Ritual Weapon
    The Big March of Animals
    Two-Man Cell Battle
    Wild Nature’s Release
    Absolute End
    Astral Barrier
    Cemetary Bomb
    Chain Burst
    Covering Fire
    Cross Counter
    Divine Wrath
    Enervating Mist
    Fruits of Kozaky’s Studies
    Hallowed Life Barrier
    Heavy Slump
    Kozaky’s Self-Destruct Button
    Level Conversion Lab
    Mind Crush
    Mind Haxorz
    Ninjitsu Art of Decoy
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
    Pikeru’s Circle of Enchantment
    Ring of Destruction
    Rock Bombardment
    Royal Surrender
    Spell Purification
    Spell-Stopping Statue
    Spirit Barrier
    Threatening Roar
    Token Feastevil
    Xing Zhen Hu

Infinite Illusion pack card list

    Alligator’s Sword
    Baby Dragon
    Dunames Dark Witch
    Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
    Gemini Elf
    Humanoid Slime
    Thousand-Eyes Idol
    Worm Drake
    Luminous Soldier
    Mad Sword Beast
    Penguin Knight
    Serpentine Princess
    Time Wizard
    Alligator’s Sword Dragon
    Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast
    Humanoid Worm Drake
    Thousand Dragon
    Black Luster Soldier
    The Masked Beast
    Black Luster Ritual
    Black Pendant
    Chain Energy
    Cold Wave
    Curse of Fiend
    Curse of the Masked Beast
    Dangerous Machine TYPE-6
    Darkness Approaches
    Dark-Piercing Light
    Final Destiny
    Fusion Gate
    Gravekeeper’s Servant
    Horn of the Unicorn
    Rain of Mercy
    Remove Trap
    The Forceful Sentry
    The Shallow Grave
    Upstart Goblin
    Anti-Spell Fragrance
    Aqua Chorus
    Attack and Receive
    Gift of The Mystical Elf
    Infinite Dismissal
    Robbin’ Goblin
    Ultimate Offering
    Windstorm of Etaqua

Inherited Will pack card list

    Aqua Madoor
    Grand Tiki Elder
    La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
    Labyrinth Wall
    Melchid the Four-Face Beast
    Millenium Shield
    Red Archery Girl
    Shining Abyss
    The Statue of Easter Island
    Arsenal Bug
    Cannon Soldier
    Dancing Fairy
    Fairy King Truesdale
    Giant Germ
    Goddess of Whim
    Insect Queen
    Invitation to a Dark Sleep
    Masked Sorcerer
    Penguin Soldier
    Servant of Catabolism
    The Unhappy Maiden
    Thunder Nyan Nyan
    Wall Shadow
    Woodland Sprite
    Meteor B. Dragon
    Magician of Black Chaos
    Breath of Light
    Dark Magic Ritual
    Dragon Treasure
    Eternal Rest
    Exile of the Wicked
    Follow Wind
    Fusion Sage
    Horn of Light
    Last Day of Witch
    Last Will
    Magical Labyrinth
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Mystical Moon
    Steel Shell
    The Reliable Guardian
    Vile Germs
    Violet Crystal
    Acid Trap Hole
    Deck Destruction Virus
    Horn of Heaven
    Mirror Force

Legendary History pack card list

    Alpha The Magnet Warrior
    Beta The Magnet Warrior
    Cyber-Tech Alligator
    Gamma The Magnet Warrior
    Ancient Lamp
    Archfiend of Gilfer
    Banisher of the Light
    Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
    Drill Bug
    Goblin Attack Force
    Gradius’ Option
    Manga Ryu-Ran
    Morphing Jar
    Mucus Yolk
    Needle Worm
    Pinch Hopper
    Sinister Serpent
    Swarm of Locusts
    Toon Mermaid
    Toon Summoned Skull
    Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
    Axe of Despair
    Card Destruction
    Chosen One
    Cyclon Laser
    Delinquent Duo
    Fairy Meteor Crush
    Giant Trunade
    Messenger of Peace
    Mind Control
    Molten Destruction
    Rising Air Current
    Soul Exchange
    Tailor of the Fickle
    Toon World
    Backup Soldier
    Collected Power
    DNA Surgery
    Dust Tornado
    Jar of Greed
    Numinous Healer
    Shadow of Eyes
    Shadow Spell
    The Regulation of Tribe
    Time Seal
    Type Zero Magic Crusher

Magician’s Soul pack card list

    Dark Magician
    Dark Magician (Arkana Style)
    Robotic Knight
    Summoned Skull
    Barrel Dragon
    Big Shield Gardna
    Blast Sphere
    Cyber Jar
    Dark Magician Girl
    Double Coston
    Gearfried the Iron Knight
    Moisture Creature
    Morphing Jar #2
    Nuvia the Wicked
    Parasite Paracide
    Spell Canceller
    The Fiend Megacyber
    B.Skull Dragon
    Bait Doll
    Card of Sanctity
    Dark Magic Attack
    Dark Magic Curtain
    Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic
    Gravedigger Ghoul
    Heavy Storm
    Insect Imitation
    Limiter Removal
    Luminous Spark
    Monster Recovery
    Mystic Box
    Mystic Plasma Zone
    Premature Burial
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Thousand Knives
    Tribute Doll
    Light of Intervention
    Magic Jammer
    Magical Hats
    Mask of Restrict
    Mask of Weakness
    Mirror Wall
    Respect Play
    Skull Invitation
    Skull Lair

Mechanical Trap Power pack card list

    Battle Warrior
    Crawling Dragon #2
    Firewing Pegasus
    Gyakutenno Megami
    King of Yamimakai
    Launcher Spider
    Monster Tamer
    Mushroom Man
    Neo the Magic Swordsman
    Parrot Dragon
    Red Eyes B. Dragon
    Slot Machine
    Steel Ogre Grotto #2
    Two-Headed King Rex
    Whiptail Crow
    Dark Artist
    Dark Elf
    Jinzo #7
    Machine King
    Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
    The Little Swordsman of Aile
    Thunder Dragon
    Witch’s Apprentice
    Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
    Fortress Whale
    7 Completed
    Beast Fangs
    Elf’s Light
    Fortress Whale’s Oath
    Graceful Charity
    Insect Armor with Laser Cannon
    Red Medicine
    Soul of the Pure
    Sword of Dragon’s Soul
    Tremendous Fire
    Castle Walls
    Dragon Capture Jar
    House of Adhesive Tape
    Time Machine
    Two-Pronged Attack

Miracle Of Nature pack card list

    Basic Insect
    Beaver Warrior
    Big Insect
    Dragon Zombie
    Great White
    Hercules Beetle
    Hitotsu-Me Giant
    Judge Man
    Killer Needle
    Mammoth Graveyard
    Oscillo Hero #2
    Pendulum Machine
    Petit Moth
    Rock Ogre Grotto #1
    Skull Servant
    Big Eye
    Cocoon of Evolution
    Crass Clown
    Dragon Piper
    Dream Clown
    Great Moth
    Larvae Moth
    Little Chimera
    Man-Eater Bug
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    Reaper of the Cards
    Star Boy
    The Wicked Worm Beast
    Trap Master
    Crimson Sunbird
    Zombie Warrior
    Blue Medicine
    Machine Conversion Factory
    Mooyan Curry
    Pot of Greed
    Power of Kaishin
    Raise Body Heat
    Shield & Sword
    Silver Bow and Arrow
    Sword of Dark Destruction
    Just Desserts
    Reverse Trap

Roar Of Demise pack card list

    A Cat of Ill Omen
    Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the Beginning
    Chiron the Mage
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Magical Scientist
    Manticore of Darkness
    Tribe-Infecting Virus
    Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
    Abyssal Designator
    Chaos End
    Chaos Greed
    Contract with the Abyss
    Dark Factory of Mass Production
    Dedication through Light and Darkness
    Delta Attacker
    Earth Chant
    Enchanting Fitting Room
    Gryphon’s Feather Duster
    Hammer Shot
    Inferno Tempest
    Mind Wipe
    Primal Seed
    Shinato’s Ark
    Smashing Ground
    Soul Reversal
    Sword of the Soul-Eater
    The Law of the Normal
    The Sanctuary in the Sky
    Thousand Energy
    Triangle Power
    Ultra Evolution Pill
    Armor Break
    Assault on GHQ
    Beast Soul Swap
    Beckoning Light
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Deck Devastation Virus
    Desert Sunlight
    DNA Transplant
    Good Goblin Housekeeping
    Human-Wave Tactics
    Labyrinth of Nightmare
    Last Turn
    Light of Judgment
    Micro Ray
    Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
    Order to Smash
    Return from the Different Dimension
    Solar Ray
    Wall of Revealing Light

Shadows In The Labyrinth pack card list

    Battle Ox
    Battle Steer
    Clown Zombie
    Crawling Dragon
    Dark Chimera
    Dungeon Worm
    Feral Imp
    Gadget Soldier
    Horn Imp
    Man-Eating Treasure Chest
    Rude Kaiser
    Ryu-Kishin Powered
    Silver Fang
    Sword Arm of Dragon
    Tiger Axe
    Gate Guardian
    Goddess with the Third Eye
    Hiro’s Shadow Scout
    Lava Battleguard
    Milus Radiant
    Mysterious Puppeteer
    Pumpking the King of Ghosts
    Sanga of the Thunder
    Shadow Ghoul
    Swamp Battleguard
    The Bistro Butcher
    Labyrinth Tank
    Burning Spear
    Dark Energy
    Gust Fan
    Laser Cannon Armor
    Legendary Sword
    Rush Recklessly
    Swords of Revealing Light
    The Cheerful Coffin
    Negate Attack
    Spellbinding Circle
    Trap Hole

Tricky Toons pack card list

    Dark Jeroid
    Exarion Universe
    Hannibal Necromancer
    King Tiger Wanghu
    Night Assailant
    Sasuke Samurai
    Sasuke Samurai #2
    Swarm of Scarabs
    Toon Cannon Soldier
    Toon Dark Magician Girl
    Toon Gemini Elf
    Toon Goblin Attack Force
    Toon Masked Sorcerer
    Vampire Lord
    Different Dimension Capsule
    Fengsheng Mirror
    Fiend’s Sanctuary
    Final Countdown
    Fuhma Shuriken
    Gather Your Mind
    Kishido Spirit
    Lightning Vortex
    Meteor of Destruction
    Miracle Dig
    Multiplication of Ants
    Offerings to the Doomed
    Precious Cards from Beyond
    Rod of the Mind’s Eye
    Senri Eye
    Soul Taker
    Toon Table of Contents
    Vengeful Bog Spirit
    Blast Held by a Tribute
    Blast with Chain
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Deal of Phantom
    De-Spell Germ Weapon
    Disturbance Strategy
    Drop Off
    Fiend Comedian
    Graverobber’s Retribution
    Hidden Book of Spell
    Magic Cylinder
    Metal Reflect Slime
    Nutrient Z
    Ominous Fortunetelling
    Pineapple Blast
    Royal Command
    Toon Defense

Visitor From Beyond pack card list

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]

    Amphibian Beast
    Gil Garth
    Vorse Raider
    Wolf Axewielder
    Cyber Raider
    Dark Necrofear
    Kinetic Soldier
    Revival Jam
    Rocket Warrior
    Skull-Mark Ladybug
    Spear Dragon
    Stone Statue of the Aztecs
    Strike Ninja
    Twin-Headed Behemoth
    Viser Des
    Burning Land
    Card of Safe Return
    Cestus of Dagia
    D.D. Designator
    Dark Designator
    Ekibyo Drakmord
    Excavation of Mage Stones
    Foolish Burial
    Gaia Power
    Heart of Clear Water
    Infinite Cards
    Insect Barrier
    Jam Breeding Machine
    Lightning Blade
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Return of the Doomed
    Sebek’s Blessing
    Smoke Grenade of the Thief
    Spirit Message “A”
    Spirit Message “I”
    Spirit Message “L”
    Spirit Message “N”
    Curse of Aging
    Dark Spirit of the Silent
    Destiny Board
    Fatal Abacus
    Hidden Soldier
    Jam Defender
    Monster Relief
    The Emperor’s Holiday

Wondrous Sorcery pack card list

    Despair from the Dark
    Flying Kamikiri #1
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
    Giant Rat
    Gilford the Lightning
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Lava Golem
    Marauding Captain
    Moai Interceptor Cannons
    Mother Grizzly
    Mystic Tomato
    Reflect Bounder
    Royal Magical Library
    Shining Angel
    Skilled Dark Magician
    UFO Turtle
    Zombyra the Dark
    The Last Warrior from Another Planet
    Continuous Destruction Punch
    Double Snare
    Emergency Provisions
    Fairy of the Spring
    Goblin Thief
    Jar Robber
    Mask of Brutality
    Mask of Dispel
    Mask of the Accursed
    Mystic Wok
    Nightmare’s Steelcage
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Nobleman of Extermination
    Non-Spellcasting Area
    Pigeonholing Books of Spell
    Poison of the Old Man
    Reversal Quiz
    Scroll of Bewitchment
    Second Coin Toss
    The Dark Door
    Archfiend’s Roar
    Arsenal Robber
    Dice Re-Roll
    Embodiment of Apophis
    Goblin Fan
    Judgement of Anubis
    Really Eternal Rest
    Skill Drain
    Staunch Defender
    Torrential Tribute
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