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CCC Contests Never Stop!
Each month CCC gives away all kinds of cool prizes and you'll never know when that's going to be! All you need to do is register on the boards, post quality posts (attention to spelling, no spam, trolling, profanity and have something to say most of the time!) and get your post rank up. The higher your rank, the better the prizes, but remember that people who post one or two sentences just to get their post rank higher won't win anything. "Quality Prizes For Quality Posts!"
Latest Contest Winners!
  • DMC - CCC Shirt
  • Roguespearisfun - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • True Link - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Phreedumbringer - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Coder1 - Game of your choice
  • ForceFlow - Game of your choice
  • Rael (Mod) - Special Mod Prize
  • Acer - CCC Shirt
  • Oblivion - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Stealthmaster - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Wabbit - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • iplayxbox - Game of your choice
  • cooljesi8 - Caption Contest #2- Dawn of the Dead DVD Classic Edition
  • Chooch - CCC Shirt
  • Underworld Dreams - CCC Shirt
  • Fenome - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • SSDBZ - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • BodyInFlames154 - Special Prize: Videogame Superstars Mario Kart 64 / Diddy Kong Racing action figure and vehicle set
  • Bladebound - Game of your choice
  • Assassin - Final Fantasy Caption Contest - High Gloss Final Fantasy Posters
  • Deat - CCC Shirt
  • Firebrandt - CCC Shirt
  • ccc4ever - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Indydan13 - $25 EB Gift Certificate
  • Joe0110 - Game of your choice
  • Cdogg (Mod) - Nintendo Prize Pack: Nintendo T-shirt, Luigi Bobblehead, Stuffed Wario, Donkey Kong Key Chain, Super Mario Toys and More
Contest Guidelines
Simply register a username of your choice on our CCC Boards - Must be 13 years of age or have permission from a parent or guardian. Click here to register now. Only registered active members of the CCC Boards will be eligible to win contest prizes during the contest timeline.
How Can I Win?

Winners and prizes will often be chosen by their CCC Board Level Rank. The more you post, the more your Level Rank will increase. Winners will be judged on their Level Rank and post quality. If you're not a very active member or your posts are lacking, you will be passed over in favor of someone else. So remember: Quantity & Quality of posts count!

  • Post often, be respectful & have great things to share - that improves your chances
  • You might be chosen completely at random too
  • Moderators can win their own exclusive prizes
  • Bloggers can also win exclusive prizes (Blogging ability must be earned - Rank Level 5 & Up)
  • Member Participation Contests - Caption contests, art contests etc.
  • Other contests to be announced soon

What Can I Win?


Your prize will be determined by your Rank Level and post quality.

  • Rank Level 1 (Goomba) might win a CCC T-shirt
  • Rank Level 2 (Grunt) might win a game peripheral or EB Gift Certificate.
  • Rank Level 3 might win a videogame of their choice.
  • Rank Level 4 & up - The prizes escalate in greatness from there to handheld systems like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP to console systems like the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox for the higher ranking members. There is even a rumor that one lucky member might even walk away with their own Xbox 360 system in November or perhaps an all expense paid trip to E3 2006 in Los Angeles, California! (Only open to Members 18 years and older).

When Are the Contests?


Since we're feeling generous, we'll be giving stuff away each month, therefore our contests will NEVER END! Loads of prizes can be yours - all you have to do is register, post responsibly and frequently and become a valued member of the Boards. Easy!