Dead Or Alive 2

Strategy Guide


Original opening

Use the following steps to unlock the original opening sequence for the game, which features a nude clone of Kasumi. Set your age to "21" in the game options. Then, make a ranking in survival mode in any position and enter "REALDEMO" as a name. Once you have saved the game with the new ranking, you can set the age to any desired value.

Control victory pose view

When your character is doing their victory pose, hold X and press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera. Hold B to zoom in at your character, then press the D-pad or Analog-stick to move the camera.

3D character preview

Enter the vs. mode option screen and disable the "Quick Selector" selection. This will allow you to preview the fighters in 3D at the character selection screen and see their costumes.

Increased jubbling

Enter the options menu, and choose the game setting that allows you to set your age between 13 and 99. Increase your age to see more jubbling.

Kasumi's extra costume

Choose story mode and select Kasumi's third (pink) costume. Play through the game until you fight against yourself. The normally pink costume that CPU player appears in will now be black. Note: You can not play in the black costume, as it is only available for the CPU Kasumi.

Fight in the nighttime Aerial Garden

Enable level select for versus mode. Then at the level selection screen, highlight Aerial Garden and press Y or R.

Hidden Ayane FMV sequence

Select Ayane and play through story mode until you fight Kasumi in the White Storm level. Knock her off the ledge into the ice cave. When you are in the cave, finish the fight. When you KO her you have to knock her at least ten feet away. The FMV sequence shows you shooting a blue smoke object at her instead of the normal sequence of you saying, "You Runaway Shiobi." Note: Some practice may be required to get the correct ending to the fight.

Full pause screen

Pause the game and press R, or Y + B, or X + Y.

Taunt opponent

Use the following combos to taunt your opponent:

    Press Left, Right, Left, R
    Press Right, Left, Right, R
    Press Down(2), R
    Press Back(2), R

Note: You can also substitute A + X + Y in place of R in the taunts.

Hidden artwork

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find several images of the girls from the game in bikinis in the "Bonus" directory. -From:

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health P126F76D27
50% Health P126F46D27
Low Health P126F76D27
No Health P126F76D27
Infinite Health P238812A25
50% Health P238822A25
Low Health P238812A25
No Health P238812A25

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