NFL Blitz 2000


Off-screen plays

At the play selection screen, move to the top left corner of the screen and press Up(2). A play may now be selected on the VMU and will be kept secret from the other player(s).

Game music

Start the Dreamcast without a disc to access the audio CD player. Insert the game disc and play track two and higher to hear music from the game. -From:

Hidden players

Select the "Enter Name For Record Keeping" option and enter one of the following player names and PIN numbers:

ALEC1197"Scream" mask [Note]
BOXER2111Boxer with corn row hair [Note]
BRAIN1111Brain with eyes
CARLTN1111Headless player
CURTIS1111Rat mascot
DANIEL0604Dan Thompson
DINO1111Stegosaur head [Note]
FORDEN1111Dan Forden
GENTIL1111Jim Gentile
GRINCH0222Punk with spikes
JAPPLE6660Jeff Johnson
JASON3141Jason Skiles
JENIFR3333Jennifer Hedrick
LUIS3333Luis Mangubat
MOOSE1111Moose head [Note]
PIRATE1111Pirate [Note]
PUNKR1221Punk with red mohawk [Note]
PUNKB2112Punk with blue mohawk [Note]
RAIDEN3691Raiden from Mortal Kombat
RALPH1111Wolf mascot
ROOT6000John Root
SAL0201Sal Divita
SHINOK8337Shinnok from Mortal Kombat [Note]
SHRUNK6666Shrunken head [Note]
SAD1111Sad face
SMILE1111Smiley face
THUG1111Cartoon burglar [Note]
TREX1111T-Rex head [Note]
TURMEL0322John Turmell [Note]

Note: Face will become blurred if used with the "Big head" or "Huge head" codes.

Cheat Codes

At the versus screen, press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below the helmets. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad or Analog-stick in the indicated direction to enable the code. If you entered the code correctly, you will see the name of the code and hear a sound. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Jump(2), Pass(3), Left. Note: More then one code may be activated per game.

Infinite turbo5-1-4 Up
Unlimited throwing distance2-2-3 Right
Fast turbo running0-3-2 Left
Power-up offense3-1-2 Up
Power-up defense4-2-1 Up
Power-up teammates2-3-3 Up
Power-up blockers3-1-2 Left
Super blitzing0-4-5 Up
Super field goals1-2-3 Left
No interceptions3-4-4 Up
No random fumbles4-2-3 Down
No first downs2-1-0 Up
No punting1-5-1 Up
Allow stepping out of bounds2-1-1 Left
Fast passes2-5-0 Left
Late hits0-1-0 Up
Show field goal %0-0-1 Down
Hide receiver name1-0-2 Right
Invisible4-3-3 Up
Red, white and blue football3-2-3 Left
Big football0-5-0 Right
Big head2-0-0 Right
Huge head0-4-0 Up
No head3-2-1 Left
Headless team1-2-3 Right
Team big heads2-0-3 Right
No play selection [Note 1]1-1-5 Left
Show more field [Note 1]0-2-1 Right
No CPU assistance [Note 1]0-1-2 Down
Power-up speed [Note 1]4-0-4 Left
Hyper blitz [Note 1]5-5-5 Up
Smart CPU opponent [Note 2]3-1-4 Down
Deranged blitz mode [Note 2]2-1-2 Down
Ultra hard mode [Note 2]3-2-3 Up
Super passing mode [Note 3]4-2-3 Right
Super blitz mode [Note 3]4-4-4 Up
Tournament mode [Note 3]1-1-1 Down
Always quarterback [Note 4]2-2-2 Left
Weather: clear2-1-2 Left
Weather: snow5-2-5 Down
Weather: rain5-5-5 Right
Arizona Cardinals playbook1-0-1 Left
Atlanta Falcons playbook1-0-2 Left
Baltimore Ravens playbook1-0-3 Left
Buffalo Bills playbook1-0-4 Left
Carolina Panthers playbook1-0-5 Left
Chicago Bears playbook1-1-0 Left
Cincinnati Bengals playbook1-1-2 Left
Cleveland Browns playbook1-1-3 Left
Dallas Cowboys playbook1-1-4 Left
Denver Broncos playbook1-1-5 Right
Detroit Lions playbook1-2-1 Left
Green Bay Packers playbook1-2-2 Left
Indianapolis Colts playbook1-2-3 Up
Jacksonville Jaguars playbook1-2-4 Left
Kansas City Chiefs playbook1-2-5 Left
Miami Dolphins playbook1-3-1 Left
Minnesota Vikings playbook1-3-2 Left
New England Patriots playbook1-3-3 Left
New Orleans Saints playbook1-3-4 Left
New York Giants playbook1-3-5 Left
New York Jets playbook1-4-1 Left
Oakland Raiders playbook1-4-2 Left
Philadelphia Eagles playbook1-4-3 Left
Pittsburgh Steelers playbook1-4-4 Left
San Diego Chargers playbook1-4-5 Left
San Francisco 49ers playbook1-5-1 Left
Seattle Seahawks playbook1-5-2 Left
St. Louis Rams playbook1-5-3 Left
Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook1-5-4 Left
Tennessee Titans playbook1-5-5 Left
Washington Redskins playbook2-0-1 Left

Note 1: Two player agreement required.

Note 2: Only in one player game.

Note 3: Only in two player game.

Note 4: Two human teammates required.

Game Shark Codes

Always 1st DownEAC7149B
Always 4th DownEAC7149B
Infinite Turbo Team 1D1B08FD1
Infinite Turbo Team 25B3F7B59
Team 1 Scores 08E73810F
Team 1 Scores 1008E73810F
Team 1 Score Modifier8E73810F
Team 2 Scores 08EC3810F
Team 2 Scores 1008EC3810F
Team 2 Score Modifier8EC3810F

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