Battle Of Giants: Mutant Insects

Corey Feldman Interview

Note: This game is also titled Combat Of Giants: Mutant Insects.

Cheat mode

At the main menu, choose the "Options" selection, and select the "Unlock Rewards" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    500 Golden Gems

    Enter "HDTQ JCLO SSUU" or "SRKC RDZR KZAE" as a code to get 500 Golden Gems each.

    750 Golden Gems

    Enter "FBRY CMTR KXUQ" or "OAZN CEYQ XRDT" as a code to get 750 Golden Gems each.

    Claw upgrade

    Enter "PLQO ILQJ YKEQ" as a code to unlock the Claw upgrade.

    Electricity upgrade

    Enter "WLUA DZCN ZNKE" as a code to unlock the Electricity upgrade.

    Head upgrade

    Enter "TDFS ZITF BKYE" as a code to unlock the Head upgrade.

    Ice upgrade

    Enter "PLAL TALG JPZV" as a code to unlock the Ice upgrade.

    Mutant Fly/Ant

    Enter "CHYV UEMJ QVGM" as a code.

    Cyan color

    Enter "LYYD UAXR IPRT" as a code.

    Green color

    Enter "LCYH FVQZ XEVB" as a code.

    Red color

    Enter "QODI LHGH HNBN" as a code.

    Yellow color

    Enter "TZCK AXZJ VSTW" as a code.


Successfully complete Adventure mode to unlock Formideos.

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