Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day

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Play any Brain Age Check exercise

Select your profile, then go to the options menu with the "Brain Age Check", "Daily Training", etc. options. Hold Select and choose "Brain Age Check" to play any Brain Age Check exercise.

See top three exercises and evaluations

Hold Select and choose "Graph" to see the top three for each exercise and evaluation.


Get the indicated number of Stamps to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Memory Sprint: 1 Stamp
    Change Maker: 2 Stamps
    Word Blend: 3 Stamps

Bonuses (PAL version)

Get the indicated number of Stamps to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Correct Change: 1 Stamp
    World Blend: 2 Stamps
    Memory Addition: 3 Stamps
    Tips Option: 5 Stamps
    Days and Time: 6 Stamps
    Stamps Designer: 8 Stamps
    Finish Position: 10 Stamps
    Hard Mode - Word Blend: 12 Stamps
    Select Song Masterpiece Recital: 14 Stamps
    Determine the Time: 16 Stamps

Virus Buster mini-game

At the "Personal" main menu, select the "Training" option. Scroll to the bottom of the list, and select the last "???" option to play the Virus Buster mini-game. The Virus Buster mini-game is a variation of Dr. Mario.

Control title screen

At the title screen, say one of the following phrases to change the Doctor's expression:

    Say "Cilantro" and he will make a unhappy face. In the PAL version, say "Coriander".
    Say "Pickled plum" and he will make a sour face.
    Say "Brain Age Two" to make his head swell. In the PAL version, say "More brain training".
    Say "Doctor" to make him laugh.

Unlocking all training modes quickly

Choose one of the training modes at the menu. Get your Stamp for the day, then turn off the Nintendo DS. Turn the Nintendo DS back on, and change the date to the next day. Turn off the Nintendo DS so that your changes can be saved. Keep repeating this until you unlock all the training modes. When you have unlocked them all, turn off the Nintendo DS, and change the date back to the correct value. This may effect your graph, but you will still have all of the training modes unlocked.

Animation sounds

After every training exercise, click on the animation that corresponds with your speed (for example, walking, bicycle, car, etc.) to hear a sound effect that goes with it. The walker whistles, the car beeps, the train honks, etc.

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