Brain Age Express: Math

Corey Feldman Interview

Challenge mode

Have a Brain Age score of 20 to unlock Challenge mode.

Slideshow mode

Successfully complete any three themes to unlock Slideshow mode.


Collect the indicated number of stamps to unlock the corresponding bonus. One stamp is earned each day that a training mini-game is completed. Note: To play the Virus Buster training mini-game, you must have earned a stamp for that day.

    By The Numbers training mini-game: 1 stamp
    Battle mode for Sum Totaled mini-game: 5 stamps
    Stamp Design mode: 3 stamps
    Tips mode: 7 stamps
    Change Maker training mini-game: 10 stamps
    Virus Buster training mini-game: 12 stamps
    Comment Settings: 15 stamps
    Change Pin Tip mode: 17 stamps
    Triangle training mini-game: 20 stamps
    Calculations X 100 Hard mode: 23 stamps
    Multi Tasker training mini-game: 25 stamps
    Triangle Math Hard mode: 28 stamps
    Multi Tasker Hard mode: 30 stamps
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