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Note: This game is also titled Akumajou Dracula: Gallery Of Labyrinth.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game with the best ending (defeat the Whip Memory and Dracula at the end of the game) to unlock the Hard difficulty setting, Boss Rush Courses 2 and 3, Richiter and Sisters mode (start a new game with a different duo), Sound mode, and New Game +.

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock a permanent +50 Luck bonus.

Play as Old Axe Armor

Kill at least 1,000 Old Axe Armors and save the game after completing it. Start a new game to have the option of playing as an Old Axe Armor.

Konami Man and +50 Strength

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting with Level 1 Cap to unlock the Konami Man and +50 Strength.

Magus Ring

Successfully complete all of Wind's quests to get the Magus Ring. It regenerates your magic points quickly.

Twin Bee and +50 Intelligence

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting with Level 25 Cap to unlock the Twin Bee and +50 Intelligence.

Vic Viper and +50 Luck

Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting with Level 50 Cap to unlock the Vic Viper and +50 Luck.

Fully Powered Vampire Killer

Use the Sanctuary spell on Stella and Loretta when you fight both of them. The sisters will no longer be evil, and will offer to unlock the Vampire Killer's full potential. Speak to them to start an optional Boss battle. Win the battle to fully power-up the Vampire Killer.

Boss Rush mode bonuses

Successfully complete the indicated course within the indicated time in Boss Rush mode to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Astral Ring: Successfully complete Course 1 in under one minute.
    Illusion Fist: Successfully complete Course 2 in under five minutes.
    Invisible Cape: Successfully complete Course 1 in under three minutes.
    Record 1: Successfully complete Course 2 in under three minutes.
    Record 2: Successfully complete Course 3 in under three minutes.
    Scout Armor: Successfully complete Course 3 in under five minutes.

Easy SP

Before attempting this trick, you must be able to access the 13th Street portrait, have the Undead Killer, and quite a few tonics. Go to 13th Street and use the warp to the second warp room. Walk out the room, and jump up on the platforms and into the next room. There will be three Red Axe Armors walking back and forth. Use your sub-weapon (Knife, Javelin, Bible etc.), and make sure it makes contact with all three Red Axe Armors. Then, equip the Undead Killer and kill the three Red Axe Armors. You will then get 12 SP for each Red Axe Armor, giving you a total of 36 SP.

Hidden Vincent dialogue

Play as Charlotte and stand in front of Vincent the shopkeeper. Hold Up until he begins speaking.

Alternate credits

Successfully complete the game on Hard difficulty setting to unlock an alternate portrait of Vincent during the ending credits.

Alternate dialogue

At the main menu, hold L and press A. If you entered the code correctly, Jonathan will say "Showtime". This will toggle the dialogue between Japanese and English, depending on the game's original regional version.

Alternate skeletons

Go to the portrait that resembles a school (the one that you must complete to kill Brauner). There is a room that contains two witches (that throw "Energy Light" spells) and a skeleton in the background. Reenter the room several times to see the skeleton covered in organs. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Duplicate quest rewards

Successfully complete a quest, then talk to Wind to display the quest menu. Press A(2), then when you hear the reward chime, press Start to exit the quest menu. You will now have the quest reward, and the quest should still be uncleared from the list. Complete the quest again to get the reward again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Start with full map

Normally, the game only carries over your completed map from a Jonathan cleared game to a Jonathan New Game +. This trick allows you to start a new Sisters, Richter, or Old Axe Armor game with your fully completed Jonathan map. Select the New Game + bat icon to the right of your cleared Jonathan file. At the Normal or Hard difficulty screen, press B to cancel and go back. Go to any blank file and start a new game with Sisters, Richter, or Old Axe Armor. You should now begin the game with a fully completed map.

Stat boost for Jonathan

Choose Charlotte as your playable character and equip her with the Str, Luck, Mind, Con, Int, or All Boost, then call Jonathan as your teammate. Use one of the boosts (fully charged) with Charlotte, then become Jonathan and send Charlotte out (by pressing A if your commands are set to the default). Jonathan will retain the Boost (+60), instead of having the smaller boost (+30). This is useful when Charlotte is not strong enough to kill a monster and also when looking for rare items, such as the Eye Of Decay, Medusa Whip, or Summon Medusa spell.

Hard mode game level glitch

Start a new game with a cleared saved game file (copy it first). When the game starts, you will see Vincent. Turn off the game as soon as you see him, then turn the game back on and select that file. It will now appear as hard max lvl 1, 25,or 50 (depending on which one you picked). Your level on that file will be the same level as the one in which you completed the game with. You will have all your items, all of the map that was discovered, all of the quests you previously completed, and start at the same location you last saved. Note: This will not help you get the bonus item(s) that are normally unlocked by competing Hard mode. All this does is say that your file is on Hard mode level 1, 25, or 50 with your previous file's level.

Birthday cake

Set your birthday in the DS system settings to the current date. Then, go to Vincent the shopkeeper and he will offer you a birthday cake for 3,000.

Defeating Bosses

All the bosses, including Death and the vampire twins, like to use power hits when your cornered or stuck somewhere. Equip your characters with powerful items and weapons; your Attack, Strength, Defense, and Luck are more important when dealing with powerful enemies. For certain enemies and Bosses, control Charlotte for long range attacks and Jonathan for close range attacks.

Defeating Dagon

The Boss in the Forest Of Doom can be difficult to defeat. Make sure you have the maximum amount of potions and tonics before you fight Dagon. Dagon has a habit of sucking up all the water. Make sure you reserve your MP for the team attack. Use the Holy Lightning skill whenever you can, then pull back your partner so your MP does not take any hits.

Defeating Doppleganger

The following trick is helpful if you have already unlocked the Nest of Evil portrait. When you get to the last area, there is a save point near the last room. Go back to the surface and restock on potions, high potions, tonics, and high tonics. Then, go back to Nest of Evil and go to the last save point using the teleport stones. Before saving, unequip both Jonathan and Charlotte of everything. The last Boss of this portrait is the infamous Doppleganger. The Doppleganger will take on the form of either Jonathan or Charlotte. The Doppleganger will have the same equipment, weapon, and skill of either character once you enter the room. After entering the room, quickly re-equip your characters with the strongest equipment, weapon, skill, and team skill for them. You will be able to take out the Doppleganger very quickly. After the fight, you will receive the last team skill on the skill list in the next room.

Defeating Legion

While fighting Legion, become Charlotte and use the Ice Needle spell. It should take two to four fully charged Ice Needle spells to take out a section. If you have the Volcano Duel Crush, use it to take out Legion from the top platform.


In the "Equip" sub-menu, where it displays the characters' names, Charlotte's name is misspelled as "Charotte". The manual lists her name as having an "L", spelling it as "Charlotte". Also, you can hear Jonathan shout "Charlotte!" during game play.

After you get the Samurai Leggings on 13th Street, on the "Equip" menu where the item names are displayed, the word "Leggings" is misspelled as "Leggngs".

After you have unlocked Richter and Sisters modes, go to a blank file to start a new game. In the "Select A Character" screen, "Richter" is misspelled as "Richiter".

There is an armor called "Platinum Leggings" that is misspelled as "Platinum Lggns".

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