The Cheetah Girls: Passport To Stardom

Corey Feldman Interview

DGamer achievements

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock corresponding Disney Gamer achievement:

    Amigas Cheetahs: Unlock Marisol and Joaquin for Multiplayer mode.
    Dancing Diva!: Follow Gita's steps perfectly on the first try.
    Fierce Fashion!: Design over 30 clothing items.
    Grabbin Grammies: Successfully complete the tour in New York in Story mode.
    International Superstar!: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Music Mogul: Unlock all the songs in the music player.
    Passage to India: Successfully complete the tour in India in Story mode.
    Purr-fect Performance!: Get a perfect score.
    Registered DGamer: Log onto DGamer online with a username.
    Viva Spain: Successfully complete the tour in Spain in Story mode.
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