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Bonus designs

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding design:

    Aqua: Win 10 card games
    Bamboo: Win Mahjong Solitaire 5 times
    Brick: Win 50 card games
    Cloth: Win 5 card games
    Digital: Win a game 15 times
    Fall: Win Koi-Koi 10 times
    Marble: Win 30 card games
    Mum: Win Mahjong Solitaire 10 times
    Paper: Win a game 10 times
    Plum: Win Mahjong Solitaire 15 times
    Space: Win 40 card games
    Stone: Win a game 5 times
    Summer: Win Koi-Koi 5 times
    Winter: Win Koi-Koi 15 times
    Wood: Win 20 card games

Bonus icons

Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding avatar:

    Smile With Freckles: Mission 25: Bowling
    Ant: Mission 21: Takeover
    Beetle: Mission 19: Koi-Koi
    Cactus: Mission 8: NAP
    Cake: Mission 18: Dominoes
    Carrot: Mission 13: Turncoat
    Cat: Mission 2: Memory
    Cool Shades Smile: Mission 26: Darts
    Dog: Mission 1: I Doubt It
    Duck: Mission 3: Spit
    Female Smile: Mission 27: Darts
    Fire Engine: Mission 11: Checkers
    Glasses Smile: Mission 28: Billiards
    Goldfish: Mission 24: Bowling
    Hot Air Balloon: Mission 12: Turncoat
    Kiwifruit: Mission 14: Hasami Shogi
    Make Up Smile: Mission 30: Mahjong Solitaire
    Meat: Mission 16: Field Tactics
    Penguin: Mission 5: President
    Pineapple: Mission 13: Turncoat
    Pink Flower: Mission 7: Hearts
    Police Car: Mission 10: Chinese Checkers
    Raccoon: Mission 6: Rummy
    Scorpion: Mission 20: Word Balloon
    Sea: Mission 22: Balance
    Seafood: Mission 17: Soda Shake
    Smart Monocle: Mission 29: Billards
    Starfish: Mission 23: Balance
    Tiger: Mission 4: Blackjack
    Toadstool: Mission 9: Spades

Free Play mode games

Successfully complete the indicated level in Stamp mode to unlock the corresponding game in Free Play mode:

    Field Tactics: Successfully complete Level 3 in Stamp mode.
    Ludo: Successfully complete Level 2 in Stamp mode.
    Shogi: Successfully complete Level 4 in Stamp mode.
    Word Balloon: Successfully complete Level 1 in Stamp mode.

Normal and Hard Stamp mode

Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock the Normal and Hard difficulty setting.

Alternate menu music

Successfully complete Mission mode to change the lounge music in the settings menu.

Pictochat Stamp button

Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock a "Stamp" button while using Pictochat.

Bonus Pictochat color

Successfully complete Stamp mode on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock an extra Pictochat color.

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