Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies

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Bonus Mini Medal items

Turn in the indicated number of Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin, the pirate king found in the town of Dourbridge, to recieve the corresponding item:

    Bunny Suit: 13 Mini Medals
    Dragon Robe: 80 Mini Medals
    Jolly Roger Jumper: 18 Mini Medals
    Mercury Bandanna: 08 Mini Medals
    Meteorite Bracer: 50 Mini Medals
    Miracle Sword: 32 Mini Medals
    Rusty Helmet: 62 Mini Medals
    Sacred Armor: 40 Mini Medals
    Thief's Key: 04 Mini Medals
    Transparent Tights: 25 Mini Medals

After Cap'n Max Meddlin receives 80 Mini Medals, he will sell rare items to you, at the cost of Mini Medals instead of gold. The following items will be for sale, at the indicated price:

    Elfin Elixir: 5 Mini Medals
    Orihalcum: 15 Mini Medals
    Pixie Boots: 20 Mini Medals
    Prayer Ring: 3 Mini Medals
    Reset Stone: 10 Mini Medals
    Saint's Ashes: 8 Mini Medals

Duplicating items

Connect Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies with someone else who has the game through Ad-hoc. Give them any desired items you want to duplicate, then turn the game off without leaving their world. Since you did not save the game after leaving their world, you will still retain the items you gave them, and they have them as well. They can now give the items back to you to duplicate them while still keeping the items for themselves. Repeat this as many times as desired.

DQVC mode

DQVC mode allows you download a list of special items, usually rare or unobtainable through any other way, with always very good prices. It also allows access to new quests and dungeons. The dungeons and some sidequests are very new data compared to the items which are already included in the game's code, waiting to be "released". To get access to this feature, successfully complete the entire Coffinwell related story. Then, go back to Quester's Rest in Stornwell, and talk to the woman next to the Alchemy Pot. Her name is Sellma, and she is the person responsible for the DQVC. Note: You can only download new things once per day, but you will still gain access to the shop at any time within that same day. New downloadables are available everyday starting at 8 a.m.

Armamentalist vocation

Once Abbot Jack of Alltrades is back to the Alltrades Abbey, go inside the Abbey. Near the entrance, you will find a person with a red hat (Windy). Talk to him, and he will give you the "Elementary Training" quest. This quest requires a lot of patience. You must defeat a certain number of Metal Slimes, but with a character that has used the ability "Wizard Ward". It must be that very character that delivers the final blow. Up to this point, your characters are probably very good levels and the Metal Slimes will always flee. To keep them in battle, you need low level characters. Use two new level 1 characters made in Stornway, and let them die. You can find Metal Slimes at the Quaratomb, west of Coffinwell. If possible, try to have two characters die, and the other two characters with low health. Engage any Metal Slime you encounter, and use Wizard Ward as soon as possible. Have the other character defend for the rest of the battle. Then, attack the Metal Slime until it dies. Once you complete the quest, go back to the Abbey, and talk to Windy again to gain access to the Armamentalist vocation.

Gladiator vocation

Once Abbot Jack of Alltrades is back to Alltrades Abbey, go downstairs in the Abbey, and talk to the purple person standing in front of the Inn. He will give you the "Gladiator Graduator" quest. This quest requires that you defeat a certain number of slimes with a Super High-Tension Dragon Slash. Dragon Slash is an MP-free ability that a few classes can learn, and to achieve Super High-Tension, you must use "Egg On" on the same character multiple times. When you are on a Tension of 50, there is a 50% chance to successfully achieve Super High-Tension (Tension of 100). Just keep Egging On the same character until you achieve this. A quick way to finish this quest is to go to Newid Isle and repeatedly engage a battle with a Slime. There is a good chance it will not be alone. You must not let the Slimes merge into a Slime Stack or a Slime King, as only Slimes count for this quest. Use Snooze on every turn to make them sleep. Keep Egging On the character with Dragon Slash, and use Dragon Slash when the Tension is at 100. You can easily finish this quest with only one battle, as most of the time three or more Slimes will appear in battle. Once you complete the quest, go back to the Abbey, and talk to the purple person again to gain access to the very powerful Gladiator vocation.

Luminary vocation

Successfully complete the game. Then, travel to the Desert Kingdom of Gleeba. Enter the Dance Hall, and go to the backstage entrance to encounter Applaudia, who will train you to become a Luminary. Defeat a Moai Minstrel with the "Hot Lick" skill. Moai Minstrels can be found in high level Grottoes.

Paladin vocation

Once one of your characters knows the "Whipping Boy" warrior ability, go to Gleeba in the Djust Desert. Enter the Mirage Mahal palace. Go on the roof, move north, and talk to Brunhild. You will get the "Taking Soul Control" quest. This quest requires you to successfully use "Whipping Boy" ten times. This is probably the easiest quest for unlocking other vocations. It is possible to complete it in a single battle. Go to the desert, and try to engage in a battle with Axolhotls. They usually appear in groups and attack weaker characters in your party. Use Whipping Boy on your weakest character, and have the other characters defend. You should complete the quest with only one battle. Then, go back and talk to Brunhild to gain access to the Paladin vocation.

Ranger vocation

Once you have a character with the ability to use knives, go southeast of Dourbridge, in direction of Zere Rocks. Before entering the forest that leads to Zere Rocks, talk to Odval. She will give you the "Ranger Changer" quest. This quest is very easy. Use the "Toxic Dagger" ability to poison a given number of Hocus Chimaeras. Let them die by the venom, and not any other attacks. They each have approximately 70 HP in the following forest; try to calculate the hits you inflict on them, then use Toxic Dagger. After defeating the given number of Hocus Chimaeras, go back and talk to Odval to gain access to the Ranger vocation.

Sage vocation

Go to Gittingham Palace in the ruins of the Gitt Empire. Once you enter, move counterclockwise around the first floor until you find a staircase. Climb the staircase, then go to the hole in the floor. Directly next to the hole is a bookcase, with a book that is actually an ancient sage sealed into it. The Supreme Sage tells you that to become a sage you must defeat five great trolls with Frizz. To easily do this, find out how many attack turns it requires to kill the great troll. Attack every turn until only one more turn is needed to defeat it. Then, let the mage finish the battle with Frizz.

Birthday bonus

Set the system date to match your hero's birthday. The drop rate for items will be noticeably increased.

Dourbridge secret shop

Go to the back of the village shop in Dourbridge, and enter the hidden door using the Ultimate Key. Go down the stairs to enter a secret shop that sells rare items.

Alchemy Pot

Successfully complete the entire story related to the Wight Knight. Then, visit Quester's Rest, and Erinn will tell you she found the Alchemy Pot, which allows you to create new weapons, armors, accessories, items, etc. Either try your luck or use recipes. You can get recipes by reading books, talking to certain NPCs, or receiving specific sidequests.

Super High-Tension

Super High-Tension is a very good state, as any move performed while in this state is more powerful, whether it is a spell, ability, or attack. To reach this state, make sure you have the "Egg On" ability (a 0 MP ability). Only the hero can get it when he talks to a certain women living under the tree in Zere. Each time you use this ability on someone, his tension will rise, going from 5 to 20 to 50 to the final 100. As soon as the character uses a move (other than defend), his Tension will go back to normal (0). Also, some states will revert the Tension to 0, such as falling asleep or getting paralyzed, among other things. Keep Egging On a specific character and have the target character always doing "Defend". Once a character has a tension of 50, you have a 50% chance to successfully rise to a tension of 100, so just keep Egging On. This is a very useful boost to regular attacks, offensive spells, or even healing spells.

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