Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings

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Shop discounts

Successfully complete Free Mission 60 to get a 5% discount at the shops. Successfully complete Free Mission 76 to get a 10% discount at the shops.

Alternate ending

Successfully complete all 81 missions (45 Story and 36 Free missions) to view the hidden ending after the final battle.

Airship decorations

Successfully complete the indicated task after Chapter 4 to unlock the corresponding item for the Airship:

    Ald Fountain: Get at least 1,000,000 Gil.

    Arawashi's Statue: Have a contract with at least 12 Espers.

    Copper Crest: Successfully complete 5% of the missions.

    Ever-Summer Flower Bed: Win at least 100 free battles.

    Golden Crest: Successfully complete 45% of the missions.

    Granite Fountain: Get at least 500,000 Gil.

    Marble Fountain: Get at least 100,000 Gil.

    Silver Crest: Successfully complete 25% of the missions.

    Sparse Flower Bed: Win at least 5 free battles.

    Stuffed Tomato: Have a contract with all Espers.

    Supreme Crest: Successfully complete all side missions to reach 97% before starting the Final Chapter. Successfully complete the first two levels of the Final Chapter to get 100% mission completion. Save the game on a new file, then intentionally die during the Boss fight. Answer "No" when asked to save again, then return to the Airship, and the Supreme Crest will be unlocked.

    Viera Goddess Statue: Have a contract with at least 25 Espers.

    Vivid Flower Bed: Win at least 20 free battles.

    Wings Of Light Crest: Successfully complete 65% of the missions.

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