Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands

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Note: This game is also titled Bokujou Monogatari: Kira Kira Taiyou To Nakama Tachi.

Bonus animals

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding animal:

    Cat: Spend at least 30,000G at Massel's shop.
    Dog: Get 5,000 animal degree points.
    Horse: Get Mirabelle to 5,000 friendship points.
    Pig: Ship 100 mushrooms after raising the Mushroom Island.
    Special Chicken: Ship an "S" rank egg.
    Special Cow: Ship "S" rank milk.
    Special Sheep: Ship "S" rank wool.


The following is a list of islands you can raise, and the number of Sun Stones required:

    Fruit Island: 10 Sun Stones
    Greenhouse Island: 10 Sun Stones
    Mushroom Island: 12 Sun Stones
    Mystic Islands: 12 Sun Stones
    Ranch Link Island: 3 Sun Stones
    Rice Island: 4 Sun Stones
    Volcano Islands: 8 Sun Stones
    Wild Animal Island: 6 Sun Stones
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