Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

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Journal bonuses

Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Journal page and unlock a mini-game:

    Page 1: Rescue Mac. Unlocks the ability to play Story mode.

    Page 2: Successfully complete Satipo's challenge. It unlocks the Cross Of Coronado mini-game.

    Page 3: Successfully complete Lao Che's challenge. It unlocks the Hanger 51 mini-game.

    Page 4: Get it from the Monkey on the beach near Lao; Irina Spalko will tell you about it. It unlocks the Mine Cart Mayhem mini-game.

    Page 5: Jump to where Donovan is stuck on the ledge. It unlocks the Grail Trials mini-game.

    Page 6: Smash a rock near the mysterious number near Irina Spalko. It unlocks the Jungle Race mini-game.

    Page 7: Defeat Major Toht and his henchmen in a snowball fight, then cross the bridge to collect it in front of the cabin. It unlocks the Ark Spirits mini-game.

    Page 8: Smash the rocks to the left of the cabin to find a Throw Pad to build. Use it to throw a partner to the roof of the cabin. Then, have them go to the right, and jump to the next roof to find it near the chimney. It unlocks the Rooftop Pursuit mini-game.

    Page 9: Swim in the water near the crab game, where Lao is located. It unlocks the Boulder Escape mini-game.

    Page 10: Climb the wall on the left bottom area of the mine. It unlocks the Rope Bridge Rumble mini-game.

    Page 11: Defeat Mola Ram. It unlocks the Maharajah Hunt mini-game.

    Page 12: Requires a character with a Crystal Skull. Go to the area after the Monkey Pad, and use the Crystal Skull to move the shovels. Dig a Whip Pad to build and use, then smash the rocks to find another dig location. Dig up, build, and use a Spinning Switch and the Spinning Switch next to it to lower some platforms. Go to the left, cut a rope, and then build a rope. Use the Spinning Switches to adjust the platforms so that you can collect it. It unlocks the Crusher Chaos mini-game.

    Page 13: Requires a Scholar character. Use the Scholar panels to rescue Dr. Elsa Schneider. It unlocks the Monkey Business mini-game.

    Page 14: Requires a character with a Pet Monkey. Use the Monkey Pad in the area where Mac is located to climb some vines to find it. It unlocks the Mutt Swing mini-game.

    Page 15: Requires a Strong character. After you rescue Elsa, go inside the cell, and use a Strong Panel to make a Bounce Pad to build appear. Build and use it to jump on top of the prison to get it. It unlocks the Making Tracks mini-game.

    Page 16: Requires a Digger character. Follow the clues that Belloq gives you, and dig it up. It unlocks the Castle Rescue mini-game.

    Page 17: Requires a character with a Crystal Skull. From the area with Belloq, go right to find a swarm of bugs. Use the Crystal Skull to make a path. Use a Digger to dig up Colonel Dovchenko to get it as a reward. It unlocks the Alien Ship mini-game.

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