Lock's Quest

Corey Feldman Interview


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game. Then, hold R and select your profile to replace all clockworks with Kingdom Force and see Bluebits instead of Sprites from Clockworks during the intermission sequences. Hold L and select your profile to view the ending sequence. Additionally, load your cleared saved game file. Go to Brookwood Camp, and use a skull on top of a grave to display a yellow dot in the world map. There will be no other dots leading to it. Go to that location to find a cave. Pop the bubble in the water. Activate the source well. All the lamps except for one will light up. Use the unlit lamp to reveal a door which opens to the developer's room.

Programmer messages

In the Hall Of Heroes, go to the graveyard. There will be three graves in the northeast part of the field with the following epitaphs, all of which reference game features that did not make it into the final version:

    "Here lies City Build mode"
    "Here lies Vehicle mode"
    "Here lies WIFI mode"
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