Logic Machines

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

    Beginner's Luck: Successfully complete all the puzzles from the tutorial.
    Collector: Collect all of the bonus items in any challenge in Challenge mode.
    God of Speed: Successfully complete the game in under two hours.
    I Am Horus: Get a perfect score in all puzzles.
    I Have Time: Solve a puzzle in over ninety seconds.
    King Of The Desert: Get a perfect score in all of the Desert puzzles.
    King Of The Jungle: Get a perfect score in all of the Jungle puzzles.
    King Of The Pyramid: Get a perfect score in all of the Pyramid puzzles.
    King Of The Temple: Get a perfect score in all of the Temple puzzles.
    Let's Try Again: Solve any puzzle after 24 failed attempts.
    Lucky Day: Get a perfect score in a puzzle on the first attempt.
    Master Of The Game: Get all of the achievements.
    Perfectionist: Get a score of over 10,000 in a challenge.
    Quick One: Solve a puzzle in under ten seconds.
    The Chosen One: Play all of the challenges in Challenge mode.
    The End: Successfully complete the game.
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