Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games

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Successfully complete ten missions with a character to unlock their emblem.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding emblem:

    Aerial Ace: Break the 2000.000m record in Rocket Ski Jumping.
    Blizza: Rescue Blizza the snow spirit.
    Cuby: Rescue Cuby the snow spirit.
    Frost: Rescue Frosty the snow spirit.
    Good Evening: Start the game between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
    Ground Search: Find a Whitestone in the ground.
    Ice Rink Dancer: Get more than 100,000 points in Figure Skating.
    Ice Warrior: Win in Ice Hockey by a 10-point margin.
    Icy: Rescue Icy the snow spirit.
    Knuckles: Successfully complete 10 missions with Knuckles.
    Long Jump: Jump beyond 133.000m in Ski Jumping LH.
    Pola: Rescue Pola the snow spirit.
    Sparky: Rescue Sparky the snow spirit.
    Spot Search: Find a Whitestone hidden in a barrel or a crate.
    Sprinter: Finish Speed Skating 500m in 00:33.000 or less.
    Track Skater: Finish Short Track 500m in 00:40.000 or less.
    Yellow Bib: Get more than 25,000 points in Moguls.
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