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New Game Plus mode

Successfully complete the game, and save the game when prompted. Select "Continue" at the title screen to start a second playthrough with all health and ink pots previously earned in your original playthrough. You will also retain bonus items that you previously unlocked.

Dark Sun (Dark Chibi)

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Dark Sun (Dark Chibi).

First Sunrise (Chibi Shiranui)

Successfully complete the game with everything accomplished to unlock the First Sunrise (Chibi Shiranui).

Karmic Returner (Original Amaterasu)

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Karmic Returner (Original Amaterasu).

Moon's Legacy (Maid of Ice)

Successfully complete the Treasure Tome to unlock Moon's Legacy (Maid of Ice).

Painter's Legend (Ishaku's armor)

Successfully complete the Bestiary to unlock Painter's Legend (Ishaku's armor).

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