Pokemon Dash

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Extra tracks

Upload a Pokemon from a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game to unlock a new track. Each individual Pokemon will create a new track.

Hard GP mode

Win GP mode to unlock a harder version of it.

Expert GP mode

Win Hard GP mode to unlock Expert GP mode.

Expert Rules Time Attack mode

Win Hard GP mode to unlock Expert Rules Time Attack mode.

Special Cup

Win GP mode to unlock Special Cup.

Time Attack mode

Win the first GP mode cup to unlock Time Attack mode.

Shiny trophies

Win a cup without retrying any of its races.

Control menu screen

When Pikachu apears on the menu screen when running to you, make single player and multiplayer pop up, then drag Pikachu to tease him.

Control victory screen

After winning a cup, use the touch screen to drag Pikachu.

Control ending sequence

Slide the touch screen to change the speed of the ending credits.

Time limits

Whenever you get a track by sending a Pokemon in special mode in Pokemon Dash from another game, such as Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, etc., you will get a certain time limit for the level. This is determined by the level of the Pokemon. For example, if you had a level 50 Sceptile, you will get 50 seconds to complete the level.

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