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Bonus level

Collect all Lums and break all the cages to unlock a bonus level.

Avoid damage from vines in The Menhir Hills

There are vines on this level that are blocking you from crossing. Rockets will fly at you and try to hit you. Do not blast them with your fists. Keep spinning in a tight circle and the rockets will stop attacking you and become dizzy. Jump onto the rocket and go across the vines to not get hurt.

Wrong Lum count in The Crows Nest

On the very last level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you go in the level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.

Walk through wall in The Fairy Glade Part 1

In level 2 when you are about to free Li, keep going straight where the first small turn is found. You should go through the wall then fall for awhile, but will eventually die.

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