While some stores have this item listed as being released on December 14 2004, I found it at a local Best Buy Store and wanted to see if it was worth the price. The DS system is already well-made, however, carrying extra games and the battery charger can be a pain. I personally think it's a smart move to buy a decent case to help protect any hand held system. The problem with most third party cases is the simple fact they are made cheaply and are not worth the price. The DS 15 is an officially licensed product of Nintendo and carries the Nintendo seal. It is made by another company, A.L.S, but is being shipped by Nintendo. In short it's a Nintendo product, just a little confusing. There are 2 versions of this case, the NDS 14 and the NDS 15. The NDS 14 is cheaper, but you will not have as much room as in the NDS 15 model. After testing out the NDS 15 model and having it for almost a week, I thought I would let you all know my thoughts and whether it is worth the price or not.

Nintendo and A.L.S really thought this one through as far as the overall design. It has a strong strap that fits over the shoulder and a nifty little side compartment just for the DS system. You simply open the zipper and slide in the DS and the double-padded sides will protect your new hand held system from drops or other accidents. It also has a canvas flap with a strong plastic locking hook. Opening the flap you will see on the front side 9 plastic holders for the DS games and a mesh flap. The box shows that this can also hold 2 additional DS systems. I tested it and it can hold them but I would not recommend it.
I found the mesh flap would hold your SP though in case you want to carry both around or you can use it to hold more games or game booklets. Now the other side has an all mesh net flap great for holding game books and more games if needed. The top of the case has a zipper where you can store the adjustable shoulder strap. You will see this compartment is also deep enough to hold the battery charger and a stylus or two in case you want to have a few spares on hand.

Nintendo and A.L.S made a quality product here and it is very light even when fully loaded. Everything is easy to get at and the compact design is great. I would highly recommend this case for those wanting one. Now Stores like EB and Gamestop will only get this in on December 14. For some strange reason stores like Best Buy and Target and a few others got them in last week. Odd but it happens and I was glad to be able to grab one and be able to give owners of a DS the heads up on it before it hits everywhere. It comes in the basic off black and gray or a bright blue color, both with the Nintendo DS logo. I personally think the black and gray one looks better and the logo really jumps out. Everything about this carry case has quality written all over it. Each zipper is double stitched and so is the strap. For those wanting a case for Christmas you will want to ask for this model. It also looks like in the US shipments will be limited. The product is worth the price. Let's face it-for less than 20.00 bucks you can save a lot of space and protect your new investment. It also has a design that sort of shows off the DS and everything is right at your fingertips.

Product Info:

The Nintendo DS System and Accessory Case (NDS15) holds and protects Complete Nintendo DS Video Game System, additional games and accessories. The clear game storage section keeps your favorite Nintendo DS games easily accessible while the inside mesh pockets hold games and additional accessories. This Nintendo DS carrying case also features a detatchable loop handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

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SSystem: DS
Manufacture: A.L.S Ind. Inc.
Distributor: Nintendo
Price: $17.99
Release Dec 2004
Review By Chris