Feel The Magic is not going to be for everyone. However, there is something about this game that is addictive and fun. It is also a game that has some bizarre mini-games and a story that could confuse anyone. Here is the basic story: a young man sees his dream girl and decides to impress her by doing some insane stunts including swallowing gold fish, jumping from planes and showing off how hard he can blow out candles. I don't know about you but the last time I looked at the dating scene how hard you can blow out a candle was not very high on any young lady's list. It's a strange game from the same people that made strange games a hit. Playing FTM is sort of like watching those new IPOD TV ads with animation all in a neon look. It is a odd love story and you will get to do some twisted things. As strange as this game looks and sounds, it just has that little something that makes it very addictive. You will notice that the game certainly has a Japanese influence and maybe that is why the game works.

FTM is made up into different chapters with names like Goldfish, Candles and Bull. You will help the guy impress the young girl by returning the Goldfish he swallowed back into their bowl. Help open parachutes and of course blowing out candles by using the built in mike. If it sounds weird, it is and it should be no surprise why I would like it then. The mini-games seem simple yet are very challenging and then there are those hidden rabbits to find. You win a chapter and you impress her and see her heart meter fill up. You also unlock different looks for your dream girl. Fail a mini-game and she will be heart broken and you have to repeat that game. It has that Space Channel 5 feel to the game. The graphics are slick but won't push the DS limits. The sound fits the game but again it's mostly sampling of a young Japanese girl who will say a few phrases. It features some of the most unique controls of any game I have played in a very long time.

FTM is no cakewalk. It's challenging and demented but addictive. For a change of pace this game is exactly the sort of game you can pop in, have fun and laugh at the stupid stunts and storyline. If you have not played games like Space Channel 5, I highly suggest renting this one before buying it. I would suggest renting this to anyone just to see a very different game. It has some slick graphics and techno tunes. It's not trying to be hip. It is hip. For fans of games like this and you just got your DS and did not pick this one up, for the price you will love it. For those who are a bit weary of the theme or it sounds a little too strange, just try it and you may be surprised. It's nice to see Sega and Team Sonic take a risk with their first game for the new DS system.

Preview By Chris

We have covered most of the upcoming DS titles that will be available for the DS system. One of the strangest games is also the one that is getting a lot of attention. Feel The Magic is not a dating sim as some may think. Instead it looks like it's going to be another hit game following in the footsteps of Space Channel 5 and a few other games that where hits and wacky as this one is going to be.

In the game you are an average Joe who sees the girl of his dreams and sets off to woe her. Now I know what you're thinking it sounds like a dating sim already. Well, lets just say the game is made up of several wacky mini games. Just look at a few of the names of the episodes the game will feature. Wash her, Seeker, and "Candle" scenario just to mention a few. The game will not push the DS system but will feature a new slick style that fits this game.

Gamers will also get a chance to use the microphone option to control some of the games "Episodes" or mini games if you want to call them that. For example in the "Candle" scenario players can use the mike to complete this one. Simply by breathing the right way or blowing into the mike will create a brand new way of controlling the game.

If this sounds crazy I think Sega is going for a game that is going to be so different that it will be hip to own this one. The slick graphics and the sounds and music all fit the same style of the overall game.

Will Feel The Magic be a hit? If I knew the answer to that I would be a rich person by buying stock in the right companies. One thing is for sure "FTM" is going to be a game like you have never seen before. Just take a look at the screen shots and you can see that they are going for that slick style. The game hits stores this week right near the launch date, which is less than a week away. To simply call this game different is like calling Monty Python just another comedy group.

It's going to shake people up and will certainly make those around the screen take a second look and is meant to be this way. This one will not be for everyone. However, it's nice to see Sega trying something bold and new for the DS System.


The game's hero has a sunny beauty on his mind, and he's doing everything he can to score a date with her. He enlists the help of the Rub Rabbits - a suave gang of super performers who wear plastic, members-only rabbit ears - to help him get her attention. Through a series of madcap performances like defending himself from bulls and blowing out giant candles, our hero manages to impress the girl. When he finally takes her out, the craziness really begins: a rival suddenly appears and a dark cloud is cast over their love. Will he ever be able to feel the magic of true love?


Feel the Magic: XY/XX is a quirky, action-packed adventure that offers an innovative experience through new methods of play. Leveraging the unique technology offered by the DS hardware, Feel the Magic: XY/XX challenges gamers to use the touch screen and microphone, switching between stylus, their voice, and even their breath to control character action.

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System: DS
Dev: Sonic Team
Pub: Sega
Release: Nov 2004
Players: 1
Review by Chris