Remember the 80's? No- this is not one of those bad infomercials; it's a preview. I just like the way it sounds since I was around in the 80's. So was this little green guy named "err" Frog. I don't know if he was really named that but the game was Frogger. The game was a hit everywhere in the arcades with its simplistic graphics and premise. I am sure you all have played this one? You had to help him across the road and streams. Now 20+ years later he is going to reappear on almost every platform including the DS. Now I am not sure why the title has the word helmet in it. I saw no helmets in the screenshots or in the PR release but oh well. Frog seems to have learned some cool new moves since his first adventure and the DS version will also have some unique features. Read on and I will tell you what I know so far.

The DS version will use the bottom screen as the play screen and the top screen will be used for talking to other characters. Yep, I guess Frog learned to speak in the last 20+ years. Of course the words will be text and there will be other info like special instructions and the number of lives left etc. You will have to use the D-Pad and the buttons as well as the shoulder buttons in this one. Frog can now hop left, right and all the old moves. He now can tongue grab coins and also use this to move quickly. The new twist is that you will need to move him around without moving forward or backwards. You will really have to turn him left or right or even all the way around. While the screen shots don't show a great deal, I can tell you the new adventure will be part old-style platformer and part mini-games. You will then face bosses to move onward and have some neat weapons as well as things to protect you. It was not stated if the touch technology will be used. My guess is yes since this is the draw for the DS system. I also do not know if the game will support more than 1-player or have a wireless mode.

The game looks interesting and Retro is certainly in now a days. If they can make it interesting and have smooth controls, Konami may have a hit on their hands with this one. For now take a look at the screen shots and watch for more info and complete game features as soon as they are released. The game is in early devolvement expect this one closer to Christmas.

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System: DS
Dev: KCE Hawaii
Pub: Konami
Release: Q4 2005
Players: 1-?
Preview By Chris