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Reverse track

To play on a reverse track, drive forward at the starting point until you get to fifth gear. Then, make a "U" turn and drive towards the wall. If done correctly, you will hit sixth gear and the wall will disappear. The track will now be in reverse.

Car preview

Enter the car selection screen. Hold Y and press L or R to rotate the current car. Press Select to stop the rotation. Hold X and press L or R to move the camera along the Y axis. Hold X + Y and press L or R to zoom in and out.

Bonus cars

Play ten multi-player races using a single cartridge to unlock the 00-Agent car. Keep playing in multi-player mode to continue unlocking bonus cars, in the following order: Red Shirt Rage, Pooka, Caddy Car, Galaga '88, Shy Guy, and Mario Racing. Win all the Platinum GP races to unlock all bonus cars in the game.

To unlock a car in Car Attack mode, win the indicated Grand Prix to get that car as an opponent in Car Attack mode. After defeating that car in Car Attack mode, you can then drive it in Car Attack mode.

    13th Racing Kid: Grand Prix 4
    Age Solo S: Grand Prix 5
    Assoluto Infinito: Grand Prix 5
    Atomic Purple: Grand Prix 6
    Burning Nightmare: Grand Prix 7
    Dig Racing Team: Grand Prix 3
    DK Team Racing: Grand Prix 6
    Galaga RT Blue: Grand Prix 3
    Galaga RT Red: Grand Prix 2
    Galaxian Paradise: Grand Prix 4
    Micro Mouse Mappy: Grand Prix 4
    Racing Team Luigi: Grand Prix 8
    Racing Team Peach: Grand Prix 5
    RT Blue Mappy: Grand Prix 1
    RT Bosconian: Grand Prix 2
    RT Nebulasray: Grand Prix 2
    RT Pink Mappy: Grand Prix 1
    RT Xevious Green: Grand Prix 3
    RT Xevious Red: Grand Prix 1
    Terrazi Terrific: Grand Prix 6

After winning the above listed cars by finishing in first place in Grand Prix 1 through Grand Prix 8, additional difficulty settings will become unlocked. Win all the races on the Z (Platinum Cup) difficulty setting to unlock the following cars: 00-Agent, Caddy Car, Caddy Car, Galaga '88, Mario Racing, Pooka, Red Shirt Rage, and Shy Guy.

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