Rondo Of Swords

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Note: This game is also titled Itsuwari No Rinbukyoku and Geojisui Yunmugok Rondo.

Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted. You can start a new session with your cleared saved game file and begin with your previously earned items and money.

Hidden stages

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stage:

    Stage 9: Do not allow any of the townspeople in Stage 8 to die.
    Stage 18: Open the prison door, then have Serdic talk to Yumiluna.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task in the listed stage to unlock the corresponding character:

    Aegil: In Stage 17, send Serdic to the door east of the starting point while Marie is alive.
    Alberich: Save and talk with Yumiluna in Stage 19, and talk with Yumiluna in Route B - Stage 35. Alternately, save and talk with Serdic in Stage 19, and talk with Serdic in Route A - Stage 29.
    Alhambra: In Stage 10, go close to the big boulder and talk with Serdic.
    Ansom: In Stage 5, talk with anyone.
    Arios: In Stage 13, if you have Elmer, talk with Serdic. If you do not have Elmer, talk with Selmer.
    Arishia: In Route A - Stage 24, have Serdic talk with Margus or Kei, and send them to Kel. City.
    Cotton: In Stage 8, save all townspeople or successfully complete stage 9.
    Elmer: In Stage 12, talk with Selmer.
    Garahad: In Route A or B - Stage 21, talk with Igraine.
    Izuna: In Stage 18, talk to Yumiluna with Serdic, and have Shino talk with Izuna in Stage 19.
    Naji: In Route B - Stage 28, bring Aegil, and send her to the open door.
    Owl: In Stage 7, talk with Marie.
    Rukia: In Stage 11, talk with Serdic.
    Shino: In Stage 15, talk with Serdic while Marie is alive.
    Simon: In Stage 18, have Marie talk with Serdic. Alternately, talk to Yumiluna with Serdic and Simon with Marie.
    Yumiluna: In Stage 18, talk with Serdic.
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