Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Corey Feldman Interview

Alternate opening sequence

Marry a girl, then save the game. Load the saved game, and the Sharance Tree will be in bloom, a singer will be performing the song, and new scenes will appear during the opening sequence.

Preferred items

The following items are desired by the indicated person:

    Blaise: Sweets and chocolate
    Carlos: Fish
    Carmen: Fish
    Collette: Rice dishes
    Evelyn: Cloth and other clothing material
    Gaius: Any ore, especially gold
    Hazel: Vegetables
    Karina: Gems, but hates diamonds
    Marian: Green vegetables
    Marjorie: Colored grass
    Pia: Squid, apples, and oranges
    Raven: Flowers and ore
    Rusk: Sweets and chocolate
    Sakuya: Monster trophies and sashimi
    Sherman: Cooked items
    Shino: Mushrooms
    Sofia: Weeds
    Wells: Rice balls


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy in the basement of your house:

    All Friends: Earn friendship and love with all characters.
    All Items!: Obtain every item found in Rune Factory 3.
    First Catch Memory: Catch your first fish.
    First Date Memory: Go to the location of your first date.
    Game Clear!: Watch the ending credits.
    Level 100!: Reach level 100.
    Memories of 5 Years: Reach the 5th year in the game.
    Memory of 10,000,000 Gold: Get a total of 10,000,000 gold in your inventory.
    Memory of Sialance Maze: Successfully complete the Sialance Maze in the basement of your house.
    Memory of Your First Pet: Tame any monster.
    The Big Feast!: Win the Big Feast Festival on Fall 5th.
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