Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock the New Game Plus mode.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Cream: Get Knuckles on your team, then go to Cream at the center of Green Hill Zone. Find Cheese in the tower to the southeast, and Cream will join your team.

    E-123 Omega: Successfully complete the side quest in the northeast of Metropoplis. Ascend to the top, and have Tails fly to the west. E-123 Omega will be in an underground room.

Easily complete Kron Colony

Defeat the first Kron you encounter. Save the game, then go south to an opening. You must fight another Kron. After you defeat him, with Amy in your team, go to the opening west from that area. Once you enter, bash the boxes with Amy's hammer. Go forward, and ignore the Kron. If you get attacked by him, just flee. Go to the next room. Continue until you reach the ruler, then talk to him.

Recommended items and Chao

The following is the recommended items and Chao for each character:

    Amy: Alloy Slippers, Golden Gloves, Pretty Dress, Hayda
    Big: Economiser, Choopaloo
    Cream: Alloy Slippers, Sparkly Gloves, Pretty Dress, Cheese
    Dr. Robotnik: Lucky Gloves, Bepke
    E-123 Omega: Oily Hydraulics, Titanium Claws, Zoah Shield, Ferox
    Knuckles: Swift Boots, Golden Gloves, Voxai Teleporter, Spartoi
    Rouge: Economiser, Ovus
    Shade: Swift Boots, Golden Gloves, Nocturne Blade, Beglog
    Shadow: Speedy Sneakers, Golden Gloves, Angel Amulet, Gibber
    Sonic: Speedy Sneakers, Golden Gloves, Spooky Charm, Joy
    Tails: Speedy Sneakers, Lucky Gloves, Blaze

Sega Genesis reference

Fly to the top of the building that is at the bottom-left of the map in Metropolis. Fight (or flee from) the Seeker Drone, then continue to find a Sega Genesis. There is a controller beside the machine next to the Genesis.

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