Steal Princess

Corey Feldman Interview

Bonus maps

Enter one of the following passwords at the "Map Maker" menu to unlock the corresponding developer created map:

Demon Palace0106-3927-4200

Ex maps

Earn the indicated type of medals in all of the 25 maps in each land to unlock the corresponding Ex map. Note: There are three Ex maps in each land.

    Ex1 map: Get all bronze, silver, or gold medals.
    Ex2 map: Get all silver or gold medals.
    Ex3 map: Get all gold medals.

Alternate main menu

Collect the indicated amount of gold to change the picture of your base at the main menu from the tent to one of the following structures:

    Wooden house: 480,000 gold
    Brick house: 990,000 gold
    Small stone building: 1,440,000 gold
    Mansion: 1,899,000 gold
    Palace: 2,356,200 gold
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