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Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

Sony had the task of wrapping up the conferences from the big three. The underdog of the consoles at the current moment showed that there is a lot of bite left in them with some really nice announcements and reveals. They also provided info on some favorite titles that gamers are itching to get.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

11:30 PM - Jack Tretton began the conference by showing off a little bit of PlayStation Home. Already, you can see the improvements to what Sony is excited about.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

11:36 PM - Jack finally takes the stage and begins talking about the PSP a little before starting the footage of the games.

11:41 PM - As the film begin to roll, you can hear really thematic music play along with each title of the game. To start things off for the PSP, we got God of War 2, Silent Hill Origins, Patapon, Tiger PGA 08, Sonic Rivals, The Sims 2 Castaway, SWAT Target Liberty, Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions, and, closing the little montage, Castlevania Dracula X chronicles.

11:45 PM - Another Home demonstration showing a few of the emotion capabilities our avatars will be able to do. We even got a few glimpses of the nicely detailed environments of the Home experience.

11:46 PM - Kaz Hirai takes stage unveiling the New PSP. It will still feature some of the favorites, like the 4.3 inch LCD screen and the UMD playback. The new model will weigh 33% less, be 19% slimmer, and have a more efficient battery. You will also be able to output high quality video directly from your PSP. Hook up to your television to watch anything you have on your PSP with just the press of a button. The videos will be controlled from the PSP and with just another click of the button your view will display back onto your PSP.

11:52 PM - New colors for the PSP - Ice Silver. The new entertainment pack will come with - The Ice Silver PSP, Daxter, and a 1 GB memory stick duo, and The Family Guy the Freaking Sweet Collection. When it arrives in stores this September, the package will cost $199.

11:53 PM - Chewbacca makes an appearance to introduce the other new version of the PSP. A Star Wars themed white PSP with an image of Darth Vader on the casing. We then switched to some footage of a Star Wars Battle Front Renegade Squadron only on the PSP this fall. Chewy exited the stage as he bellowed to the crowd in Wookie.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

11:57 PM - Phil Harrison takes stage to talk about the PlayStation Network a little. Eighty games are in the works to be delivered on the PSN through to March 2008.

11:59 PM - Echochrome is unveiled. The graphics look less than awe-inspiring, but the gameplay seems to be some of the most engaging stuff in a puzzle game. Phil states that "this game has the most gameplay in the world!"

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

12:01 PM - We are given another montage of videos from the PSN - Wipeout HD and Pain. Footage of a couple of games that will be available on the PlayStation Network and at retail stores - Warhawk and Socom U.S. Navy Seals: Confrontation - then plays.

12:10 PM - Singstar is shown with some interesting features for the PS3. Singshop, which will enable you to purchase a plethora of new songs to max out your vocals, and Singstar online to share videos with your friends.

12:11 PM - A little more info about Home. Send photos from your phone directly to the Home and then to the web on the Social Networking site. The site will have many different features for Home, like the automatic blog. Confirmation on the capability to launch directly from Home into a game, any game, whether it is multiplayer or single player. Once you quit the game you will be brought right back into Home.

12:13 PM - New track for Motorstorm titled Eagle's Nest.

12:16 PM - After the price drop on Monday, sales of the 60GB have doubled. Project to have 11 million units shipped worldwide this year.

12:18 PM - Blu-ray outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1.

12:20 PM - NCSoft, the people behind City of Heroes, partner up with Sony and joins their camp. We'll be looking for big things from them.

12:21 PM - Ubisoft's Haze footage shown. Only available on the PS3 this holiday season.

12:24 PM - Sony announces a multistage deal with Epic and Midway.

12:25 PM - They reveal that Unreal Tournament 3 is exclusive for the PS3. Judging by the footage, this could be a game to rival a certain Microsoft franchise entering into the threes this year.

12:27 PM - A lovely video montage of upcoming PS3 titles - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Assassins Creed, Kane and Lynch, Resident Evil 5, Burnout Paradise, Madden NFL08, The Simpsons Game, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Medal of Honor Airborne, and Rock Band.

12:30 PM - Hideo Kojima takes the stage to unveil some new footage of the mega popular Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

12:33 PM - Hideo Kojima proclaims MGS4 is the finale. Snake's story will end and so will his involvement.

12:36 PM - A truly amazing trailer of MGS 4, all in real time footage from the PS3. The trailer also features the first English spoken dialogue.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

12:44 PM - Back to Phil Harrison to go over first party games, and the list is nice. Again, a footage montage - Ratchet and Clank Future tools of Destruction, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, NBA 08, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. All really impressive titles.

12:54 PM - Phil then unveils a game from Sucker Punch, the force behind Sly Copper, titled Infamous. The graphics from the game look sweet, though it may be easy to say right off this could be Sony's answer to Crackdown, except this looks much better. You will also be able to choose your own path, hero or villain.

12:57 PM - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue footage shown and revealed to be available soon on the PlayStation Network. Like all Gran Turismos, this one is shaping up to look amazing.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

12:59 PM - Killzone 2 footage unveiled at the last minute. Another amazing game for the PS3. The most impressive aspect of this footage was that it was being played by one of the game developers.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

The Sony press conference needed to deliver on many things in order to show people that Sony still had a lot of fight left in them. They did fantastic at presenting the games we wanted to know about, and unveiling a few others, we will now only anticipate that much more. This year's E3 may not be as big as they have been in the past, but Sony showed no signs of noticing the downsizing by bringing it on as strong.

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

One of the biggest highlights was of course the Metal Gear Solid 4 footage. Suprisingly, Echochrome seems to be one of those games we will be playing for long hours in the months to come. Haze footage further secures the feelings of this being a truly amazing game. The exclusive announcements of Unreal Tournament 3 and Infamous rank up there fairly high, as well. However, the massive footage of Home has got me more excited about the PS3 than I have ever been. The footage from Killzone 2 also has the meters running on anticipation for new games coming soon.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator

Sony Press Conference - E3 2007

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